You can now quickly view any record in your account — all from one screen.

Similar to our existing Contact Quick View feature, the new Object Quick View feature allows you to see your custom object, Deal and Company records on a portion of your screen, without having to load another page. This makes it much faster and easier to find the information you need and to interact with your records: You can send emails and SMS messages, log phone calls, add notes and more right from the Quick View screen.

If you and your team interact with your leads and customers regularly and response times are important to you, this feature is a must!

To get started, just hover over any of your records and click Quick View Icon.

Quick View example

Quick View is made up of five sections:

  1. Overview: Immediately see important info stored in the record and all the recent interactions each contact has had with your business. You can also send a quick email, SMS or log a phone call, add a profile picture, or have one pulled automatically from a social media profile.
  2. Fields: Add or remove any fields, including all your custom fields. You can even see different fields depending on which group of records you’re viewing. Just click Next and Previous to see each of the records in your group.
  3. Tasks: Quickly add, edit, remove and complete tasks for the record you have selected.
  4. Notes: View and edit existing notes and quickly add new ones for your most recent interactions.
  5. Related Objects: Add and update any object data.

Here’s how it works:

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