Ontraport is all about gathering data so you can use that data to deliver targeted, relevant, timely experiences that prospects and clients care about. Our new Date and Time Field takes it to another level, allowing you to  gather and automatically act on a very important type of data: times. We’ve always had dates, but adding times allows you to better manage appointments, events, reminders and more.

To take advantage of this field for appointment scheduling, simply add it to your appointment scheduling form or to your integrated calendar application.

Then, you can create a campaign to automate reminders using the exact time of a scheduled event by using the Date and Time field on your wait elements. This not only saves you time; it also lets you use the same campaign for multiple contacts with different scheduled appointment times saved in their records.

The Date and Time field also gives you more flexibility when you import and export contacts because you can choose between the standard date and time format or UNIX time. If you are importing from another service that does not use UNIX time, you don’t need to convert your data — just select standard time.

All of these settings are also available through the API so, regardless of the method you use for your scheduled events, you will be able to manage them with more control and ease.

About Kristen Dewey

Kristen holds a degree in Communication and Liberal Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara. With five years working as a writing tutor at SBCC and experience as an Ontraport support rep, Kristen now uses both her writing and software expertise in the role of Content Engagement Coordinator. Outside of her time at Ontraport, she is also involved in a variety of creative writing projects.