Today, we’re proud to announce a completely reimagined Ontraport Pages and Ontraport Email, the first “smart” landing page and conversion tool. How have we built the most powerful and easiest to use landing page and email editor to date? With the creation of content “blocks” that can be moved, swapped, added or deleted at your discretion.

We’ve combined creative freedom, ease of use and horsepower to usher in a new era for web page and email composition.

Create stunning web pages specifically designed to convert.

Pit multiple versions of your pages against each other to learn what your audience is into.

Tracking is automatic so you can analyze how your pages are performing.

Dozens of beautifully designed templates allow you to get your business online with one click… literally.

Adjusting fonts, colors and backgrounds couldn’t be easier. We’ve developed palettes of colors and font families that look beautiful together, which relieves you of the burden of designing a page or email from scratch; though we’ve included design options for individual blocks for you savvy designers.

Forget slogging through code. Create and host beautiful and powerful pages without ever touching code.

And, of course, Ontraport Pages and Ontraport Email are always mobile responsive! No matter how much you play around with the flexible design options, mobile responsiveness is maintained.

beautiful custom web pages

This update is a giant leap for Ontraport, and represents an even greater leap for entrepreneurs and business owners. We’ve developed the most powerful landing page builder on the market without sacrificing great design.

Welcome to the new standard in landing page and email creation where beauty and brains meet.

About Chris Tarello
Chris Tarello is a Feature Writer at Ontraport. With an interest in business and technology, and a background in marketing and creative writing, Chris delivers unique perspectives from the connected generation.