The Automation Log is here! New from Ontraport!

Ontraport’s newest feature lets you trace the path of your contacts through your automated builds — in real time.

A lot happens to contacts upon entering your Ontraport database. They pass through various marketing funnels (as your automated builds dictate) where they’re dropped into a string of elaborate Sequences, consequently triggering various Rules. As this happens, they’re tagged and untagged, have their Contact Fields updated, and if things go according to plan, they buy from you.

But let’s say somewhere along your contacts’ path, there’s a misstep: an improper Tag is applied or they end up on a Sequence intended for cold leads rather than hot leads. Before the Automation Log, this meant pulling an all-nighter troubleshooting.

The Automation Log spares you any — and all — detective work, allowing you to trace the path of your contacts through your automated builds — in real time. Data logged includes how a contact was added to a particular Sequence, why a particular Field value was updated, how a Tag was added/removed, the time and details of a sale, and how a particular contact came to enter your database in the first place. All this and more is recorded in the Automation Log, including indications of what or whom performed the action.

In addition, the Automation Log makes for an ideal reference board when running a test contact through pending automated builds in your Ontraport account.

So forget about drawing convoluted diagrams on a conference room table to retrace a contact’s every move; all that data is now conveniently stored in the Contact Record.

What does the Automation Log track?

  • New Contacts Created – See when a new contact was created as well as the source of that contact (Smart Form, manual entry, etc.)
  • Field Updates – Discern when a Contact Field was last updated, what the field value was prior to the update, and how it was changed (Rule, Sequence, manual entry, etc.)
  • Sequence Updates – Discern when and how a contact was added to or removed from a Sequence and what or whom is responsible for the action
  • Tag Updates – Discern when and how a Tag was added to or removed from a contact and what or whom is responsible for the action
  • Sale Transactions – See when a sale happened, how it was logged, and the details of the transaction

Where is the Automation Log?

You can find the Automation Log in a contact’s Contact Record under Contact History.

  1. Click on a contact
  2. Go to the Contact History section
  3. There it is!


Will the Automation Log replace the Contact Log feature?

No. The Automation Log is an additional feature in the Contact Record.

What’s the difference between the Contact Log and the Automation Log?

The Contact Log logs events that happened for a given contact (such as form filled, email sent, email clicked, etc.) whereas the Automation Log is intended to show things that *happened* to a contact (field change, tag added or removed, subscribed or unsubscribed to a sequence).

Can I export the Automation Log?

No. Not at this time

Can I search the Automation Log?

Yes. Automation Log entries are searchable.

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