Our new Ontraport Pages and Ontraport Email features help get your business online quickly and easily; in no time you’ll be gathering leads and watching sales roll in! The Ontraport Marketplace offers templates by Ontraport users for Ontraport users.

To help you really hit the ground running, we’re proud to introduce the Ontraport Marketplace – a brand new hub for users to find, share, and sell pre-designed Ontraport Pages, Ontraport Email, and Ontraport Forms templates  – all inside the app! These templates aren’t only beautiful; they’ve been proven to convert as well.


Need an effective lead capture page for your business but don’t have time to make one? Search for one on the Ontraport Marketplace!

Plus, you can sell or share your own templates on the Marketplace. Have an amazing sales page that’s working wonders for your business? Share it or sell it (we take care of all the billing details) on the Ontraport Marketplace.

ontraport marketplace landing page form email

How It Works

The Ontraport Marketplace is a highly organized and searchable hub in the Ontraport app. Easily navigate through the categories, viewing templates by type, industry, author and tags.

ontraport marketplace templates

Depending on the settings chosen by the template creator, users are able to download templates for free, by opting in to a list, or by paying a small fee for its use. If you choose to buy a template, everything is processed by Ontraport; your credit card information is not provided to the template provider.

ontraport marketplace landing page templates

If you have awesome templates you want to put on the Marketplace, there are several sharing options:

  • Free: Your template and its content are free for all Ontraport users.
  • User’s contact info: If you want to generate a lead, you can set it so that the Ontraport users must give you their contact information to download your template.  
  • Paid:  Your template is sold for a fee you determine, and Ontraport takes care of the billing for a 10% administration fee.

If you don’t want your template on the public Ontraport Marketplace, you can easily share it with individual Ontraport users as well!

These Google Drive-inspired options include:

  • Anyone with link: This provides a shareable link any Ontraport client can use to access the template.
  • Specific users: Enter the email addresses of the Ontraport clients with whom you want to share your template.
  • Anyone who has purchased or subscribed to my product: Select “has purchased” or “is subscribed to” and then choose the product name in the dropdown.

Our pricing and sharing options make it simple for both buyers and sellers to find incredible value in the Ontraport Marketplace.


Ontraport Marketplace blends accessibility, convenience, community and marketing performance into one amazing resource — now live in Ontraport Pages and Ontraport!

About Andy Reese
Content Specialist Andy Reese graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2014 with a B.A. in Environmental Studies (emphases in Sustainability and Entrepreneurship). In his short career, Andy has already written grants and media plans for several businesses and nonprofits, worked at two tech startups and the Surfrider Foundation.