Marketers’ ability to grow and scale their businesses is derived from the speed and precision at which they execute a marketing campaign for max conversions. To quote 2010’s The Social Network: “Getting there first is everything.”

Ontraport’s new Campaign Builder lets you launch your business online quickly and easily, especially when tapping into the Campaign Marketplace, a growing hub for marketers and small business owners to find, share, and sell entire marketing campaigns.

Need an effective lead capture campaign for your business but don’t have time to start one from scratch? Maybe it’s your maiden voyage into marketing and you’re unsure of how to proceed. In just a few clicks, a pre-built campaign map, complete with all customer touchpoints and/or internal automations, is yours to customize.

How It Works

A highly organized and searchable hub, the Ontraport Marketplace’s user friendly interface allows for seamless navigation through the most sought after campaign types such as follow-up, sell + deliver, or attract leads, to name a few. Beyond that, campaigns are categorized by industry, author, and tags giving you free rein to find what you need fast.

Start by building a new campaign. You’re given the option to start a new map from scratch or to download a template available in the marketplace. Let’s suppose you’ve decided to host a webinar and aren’t 100% familiar with the best practices surrounding webinar registration and follow-up. Do a simple search in the Ontraport Marketplace, and you’ll quickly find a plug-and-play webinar campaign to implement instantly.

All campaign assets (messages, landing pages, forms, etc.) are provided for you whereas the content you populate them with is your own. Meanwhile, the steps you need to take to prep your campaign for launch appear to the right of your campaign map. Check off each list item, and your campaign is set to go live.

When adding user-created campaigns, you’re able to download templates either for free, via opting in to a list, or by paying a small fee for their use — based on the configurations determined by the campaign’s architect. Any campaign purchases are processed entirely by Ontraport; your credit card information is confidential and never provided to the campaign architect.


Sharing Your Campaigns

You can sell or share campaigns of your own design on the Marketplace.

To share your marketing campaigns with Ontraport’s burgeoning entrepreneurial community, there are three sharing options in the Ontraport Marketplace we’d like to acquaint you with.

  • Free: Your campaign and its content are free for all Ontraport users.
  • User’s contact info: To generate leads from within the Ontraport community, you have the option to gate your campaigns with an opt-in. Ontraport users must then give you their contact information if they wish to download your template.  
  • Paid:  Your template is sold for a fee you specify, and Ontraport takes care of the billing for a 10% administration fee.

If you’d prefer to simply share your campaign with a granular audience, these Google Drive inspired sharing options ensure your campaign falls into the right hands:

  • Anyone with link: This provides a shareable link any Ontraport client can use to access the template.
  • Specific users: Enter the email addresses of the Ontraport clients with whom you want to share your template.
  • Anyone who has purchased or subscribed to my product: Select “has purchased” or “is subscribed to” and then choose the product name in the dropdown.

Sample Campaigns Available Now in the Ontraport Marketplace

These road-tested maps will give you the ultimate head start in lead acquisition and business automation. Simply add them to your repertoire and fill in the blanks.

1) Simple Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a way to uncover hidden hot leads in your list by assigning a few points to contacts each time they demonstrate interest. Then, when the contacts’ score reaches a certain level, you can assign them to a sales rep or to a more aggressive automated follow-up process. This campaign demonstrates a simple implementation which should work great for the majority of online businesses.

Get this marketing campaign now.

2) Simple Abandoned Cart Follow-Up

One of the easiest ways to increase sales is to follow up with your hottest leads. Who are hotter to follow up with than those who visit your checkout page but fail to purchase your product? Ontraport makes automating your cart abandonment follow-up fast and hassle-free. Implement it into your sales process, and watch seemingly lost customers flock back and finish what they started:

Get this marketing campaign now.

Other free available campaigns include:

  • Demo request follow-up
  • List cleaning and re-engagement
  • SMS lead capture
  • Basic product launch
  • Ebook opt-in and delivery
  • Event registration and check-in
  • Automated Facebook retargeting
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Progressive profiling

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