When our Ontraport users talk, we listen. One of the things that many of our clients were asking for was a visual CRM feature that would make it easier to work within our robust system. 

So we gave it to them. We created a new visual CRM display called Card View that makes all of your customer data more accessible and easier to organize. You can now view your contacts based on their stage or status within your business and use a simple drag-and-drop action to manage their journeys.

With Card View you can:

  • Visually see contacts organized by stages of any pipeline or process you want.
  • Drag cards around to update the stage that a customer is in and prompt next steps.
  • Create custom views to display your data in the ways you want it.
  • Create quick visual cues to indicate priority.

While a visual CRM is commonly used to manage sales pipelines, Card View can be adapted to fit any process or funnel — opening a world of use case possibilities. Here are some of the creative ways our power users, Ontraport Experts, are using this CRM feature. 

Expert 1: Sam Wilcox, Founder of Tribecto Automations

Sam Wilcox
Founder, Tribecto Automations

Use Case: Proposal Management

“Card View is great for management of many tasks other than the obvious sales pipeline. For one of my clients, we’ve implemented an easy-to-use management system for their Proposals team. We started by defining the stages of the proposal creation from start to finish and then made those stages the columns for our Card View.”

Their sales director loves this new visual CRM interface, as team members can easily get a quick glance of who’s responsible for each proposal, what service the proposal is for and what stage it is currently in.

Once the Proposals team moves the contact to the ‘complete and sent’ section, the proposal is automatically sent via email to the prospect, and a task is created for the Sales team to follow up in three days. It’s seamless.

I’ve recreated the same system in my account, and it has simplified a number of my processes in my own business.

Pro tip: Keep the prospect/customer engaged in the process by automating email updates for each key point in the process. This way, the prospect can really see the work that is going into the proposal, and they will value it much more.”

Expert 2: Neil Kristianson, Founder of Email Splat

Neil Kristianson
Email Splat

Use Case: Tracking Leads and Billing Stages

“We are using Card View to track prospects and customer projects in three different ways. First, we’ve created a Card View for a complete project journey from ‘unqualified lead’ all the way through to ‘completed project.’ The second view we use is only to track prospects from ‘inquiry’ to either ‘lost’ or ‘deposit paid.’ The third view is used to track our billing with stages for deposits, installments, final payments, monthly payments, etc.

All of these are set up so that people can move through the system automatically via their actions and/or task outcomes, or they can be moved through the automation manually using the cards.”

Expert 3: Sam Ovett, Digital Marketing Consultant

Sam Ovett
Digital Marketing Consultant

Use Case:  A Better Way to Manage Referral Partner Programs

“When we get busy it’s easy for balls to get dropped. This can impact the way we manage our referral sales partners. Since we’ve been using Card View, keeping track of sales partners and helping them get more out of being a partner has become so much easier.

For example, when a partner first comes on board, it’s easy to see how much of our brand training they’ve completed and then, when they start marketing, it’s easy to get a quick view of how much they’ve sold and what level they have achieved.

This visual CRM display allows us to quickly know who needs a little help and guidance if they hit a plateau and makes it easy to know who to call up and congratulate when they are knocking it out of the park! This ultimately helps them produce more referrals leads that become sales—which is a win-win.”

Expert 4: Josh Ovett, CEO of Mobile Pocket Office

Josh Ovett
CEO, Mobile Pocket Office

Use Case: Sales Opportunity Management

“Card View takes the visual CRM function of Ontraport to the next level. List views make for  great databases but can be a frustrating experience when you want to look at a record and manage it. Card View changed that for us. It’s a visually intuitive way to manage sales opportunities that require a lot of human-to-human interaction.

Now we can confidently and easily kick-off the right automation based on what the prospect needs right after a conversation. We just drag and drop the card into the right pile and away it goes delivering follow-up better and more consistently than a dozen sales assistants! I never thought we’d say this, but we are falling in love with CRM again!”

About Chantal Peterson

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