Automate Your Entire Customer Lifecycle in Ontraport
The Power of Marketing Automation
Ontraport's marketing automation software

Combine your offline marketing campaign assets with your online assets to create a fully integrated campaign that ushers your leads and customers through a seamless lifecycle with your brand. Using powerful marketing automation capabilities that route leads and customers through your funnels based on their behaviors and preferences, you can create one-of-a-kind, targeted journeys to generate optimal results while maintaining personal relationships with your audience.

Guide your leads through every part of your funnel through the flawless consolidation of your offline assets, such as email funnels and SMS messages, with your online assets, such as landing pages and digital ads, as you steadily nurture them into loyal customers.


Automatically send your leads and customers down tailored paths based on their interests and interactions with your campaign elements to personalize their experience and strengthen your relationship.


With a multi-channel toolset, powerful segmentation capabilities and fully customizable automation pathways, you’ll create high-converting marketing campaigns that get you the results you need for business growth.

Guide your contacts through your marketing funnel

Ontraport’s sophisticated marketing automation toolset allows you to build campaigns that nurture your prospects and clients, ushering them through a series of steps engineered to develop their relationship with your brand no matter where they are in your customer lifecycle.

Add contacts anywhere within your campaign automatically based on custom triggers you define, ensuring a unique, relevant and timely experience for each contact.

Incorporate an unlimited number of actions and assets, such as email messages, tasks, SMS and more, to send your contacts down sophisticated and robust funnels.

Customize the timing and settings for each action in your campaign for complete control over how contacts are routed throughout their lifecycle.

Unify your campaign outreach for seamless experiences


With the unrivaled ability to incorporate each of your online and offline assets into one campaign map, Ontraport allows you to fully coordinate and automate your campaigns and take control over your entire customer experience.

Integrate email messages, SMS texts, internal tasks, digital ads, landing pages, opt-in forms and much more to create sophisticated automated funnels within every part of the customer lifecycle.

Lead your customers back and forth between your online and offline assets for an assuredly uninterrupted flow within your campaign and a seamless experience on their end.

Understand how your contacts are engaging with each element of your campaign and how each piece interacts with one another with a full view of your automated marketing in one place.

Create personalized customer journeys that respond to your contact's behavior

Provide your contacts with the right messaging at the right time to address their interests, demographics and challenges to strengthen relationships as you nurture them from leads to customers to raving fans.

Steer your contacts to the sensical next point in their journey using the “Go-To” element, and further refine their paths using the powerful condition filters, to create flexible customer journeys dictated by their behavior as they experience your campaign.

Deliver hyper-targeted follow-up to match your contacts’ interests and desires using restrictions and customized settings at all touch points throughout your campaign.

Use customizable, unlimited campaign goals — going beyond basic goals like making a purchase or opting into a form — to set automated follow-up in motion, allowing limitless possibilities for customized automation paths.

Are you ready?

Build targeted marketing automation campaigns to improve conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ontraport compare to other marketing automation software?

One of the biggest differentiators between Ontraport’s marketing automation software and other tools is that the automation is seamlessly connected to every other aspect of your marketing efforts. The emails you send to leads and customers, the landing pages you use to showcase your products and services, the ecommerce functionality for selling online, and your CRM that houses all your leads’ information are all in the same platform as the marketing automation that ties it all together. This all-in-one functionality equips business to create sophisticated, personalized marketing that spurs business growth. 

Check out side-by-side software comparisons between Ontraport and competing software for more details about how Ontraport stacks up and determine which is right for you.


What are some examples of using marketing automation software in a small business?

Marketing automation software can be used throughout the customer lifecycle to attract, convert and retain leads and customers. 

It’s commonly used for targeted lead nurturing, cold lead re-engagement and retargeting, all of which aim to improve your sales results. Those who promote webinars to sell their products or host membership sites also benefit from the personalized customer experiences automation allows. Marketing automation is also powerful later in the lifecycle for automated customer onboarding, holiday and birthday promotions, referral campaigns and more.

How does marketing automation work?

Marketing automation is essentially the engine that powers all the interactions between you and your customers online. For any action a customer takes, such as a visit to a landing page or the opening of an email, you can set up an automatic and related reaction to take place to maintain a personalized experience for each customer, at scale. 

At its core, marketing automation is a sophisticated form of if/then logic. When you create a marketing automation campaign, you control what you want to happen based on all the possible scenarios, and the automation platform takes it from there. 

This allows you to send customers down dynamic, unique paths that give them the right messages at the right time as you attract them to your brand, convert them into customers, deliver your products and services, and seek repeat purchases and referrals.


What are some examples of businesses that have succeeded using marketing automation?

View our success stories to hear first-hand from business owners who’ve grown their business using Ontraport Whether you’re a speaker or coach, author or blogger, consumer service provider or B2B service provider, you can use marketing automation to attract, convert and retain customers.


What is marketing automation? The ability to automate your entire customer lifecycle.