Does it feel like you never have enough time to keep up with the follow-up you need to turn prospects into clients?

You’ve always taken pride in your ability to balance more to-dos than anyone you know, but when it comes to follow-up, you’re drowning. It feels like you’re constantly trying to reach out to leads and customers, but they’re still slipping through the cracks and going cold.

Nurturing those relationships so you can turn leads into new customers can easily take anywhere from weeks to months, and if your long-term follow-up is inconsistent, you could be creating an unpleasant experience for a lead. Whether it causes you to lose sales or miss out on a big opportunity, lack of follow-up is easily identified by entrepreneurs around the world as the number one nightmare.

And to top it all off, it’s really difficult to find new qualified leads once existing leads go cold. You know that consistently following up with the leads you’ve already worked to generate is the solution, but your time-strapped schedule doesn’t always afford you that luxury.

Follow-Up is a Problem Area for Many Small Business Owners.

You’re not alone. Maintaining consistent follow-up with leads and customers is a pain point for more business owners than you might think. In fact, even though it takes more than five follow-up messages to close most sales, 44% of salespeople stop following up with leads after just one attempt!

In most cases, missing follow-up opportunities isn’t for lack of effort. Simply put, remembering to follow up with a mile-long list of leads just isn’t humanly possible when you’re using sticky notes and a calendar.

But there is a way to simplify the entire follow-up process so you’re not constantly feeling behind.

Elevate Your Brand With Automated Marketing and Sales Follow-Up.

The days of running an entire business using a combination of memory, hand-written processes and manual tasks are long gone. You may be hesitant to leave the majority of your follow-up to automation but, when done right, it actually doesn’t remove the human element your customers so desire. In fact, automated follow-up can drastically improve the way leads and customers view your business by creating opportunities for more human interactions.

According to Automated Marketing and Sales Follow-Up Made Easy, “Automated follow-up is one of the best ways to build closer relationships with your prospects and customers as they make their way through your customer journey. Though it may seem counterintuitive, automated follow-up actually allows you to provide more personalized attention: It allows you to segment and follow up specifically based on the lead’s interests while also giving you more time to interact with leads when it matters.”

Automated Follow-Up Makes a More Efficient Team

When your team isn’t focusing on sending delivery emails, thank you cards and follow-up messages to leads they haven’t heard from in awhile, they’re able to spend time on what’s important: making improvements to your existing systems and closing sales.

Efficient sales and marketing teams create a domino effect of positive change for your business. Introducing automated follow-up systems opens the door to scalability, business growth, more money and happier customers.

Take it from Ontraport’s clients: Out of the hundreds of entrepreneurs we surveyed, 96% projected business growth as a result of using automated systems. This speaks volumes about how systemizing your follow-up strategy can help you grow and scale your business.

Not Convinced Yet?

Developing and implementing automated follow-up systems will allow you to:

  • Build closer relationships and convert more leads by not letting anyone slip through the cracks or receive irrelevant or untimely messages.
  • Provide a consistent and pleasant experience without having to work around the clock.
  • Give your leads what they want by easily segmenting and targeting groups based on actions they take.
  • Turn more leads into customers by reaching out to the right people at the right time.
  • Make more money when you nurture your relationships with existing customers who are likely to buy again.
  • Constantly improve by running split tests and analyzing data to determine what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re ready to improve sales and nurture customer relationships with automated follow-up, check out the free guide Automated Sales and Marketing Follow-Up Made Easy.

About Lindsay Kent
Lindsay is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and holds a degree in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations and minors in Spanish and Integrated Marketing Communications. After working with several small businesses, Lindsay moved to sunny Santa Barbara to become Ontraport’s Content Manager.