Your Most Important Metrics
at a Glance​​​​​​​

All the Business Statistics You Need in One Place
Your Most Important Metrics at a Glance

Know exactly what's going on in your business

The Ontraport Dashboard generates a customizable display of all the measurable statistics in your account. This dashboard is updated in real time to give you an in-depth overview of what's happening live in your business.


Consolidate all your most important metrics onto one display panel to give you an up-to-the-minute and top-down view of your business.

Effortlessly monitor your marketing, sales and contact engagement data, enabling you to make strategic decisions without ever having to guess again. 

Easily specify contact and metric criteria so your data is calculated exactly how you want it.
Configure your metrics in a way that makes sense to you

Customize the metrics that appear on your Dashboard to create a thorough yet easy-to-reference overview of your most important business metrics. The Ontraport Dashboard includes:

Drag and drop functionality so you can quickly arrange and configure your metrics just the way you want them to look.

The option to create as many new metrics as you need so that you can report on every facet of your business and never miss any important details.

The ability to select a custom timeframe for any or all metrics so you can compare performance over time to see how your business is growing.

Get the information you need to optimize and improve

To get the best results possible, it’s important to track your progress and compare your results for each campaign. Identifying what isn’t working is the first step toward better results. With Ontraport’s Dashboard, you can:

Automatically track the conversion rate between two events to identify opportunities where your funnels could be converting more efficiently.

Count how many times your emails are opened, your landing pages are visited, or your form is filled out to see how your campaigns are performing.

Track the average amount of time between any two events occurring so you can measure and predict how long it takes leads to become customers.

Measure your sales and project your revenue  

With deep insight available with just a few clicks on your Ontraport Dashboard, you’ll be able to better understand your customers’ purchasing habits and predict future performance.

Measure the total value of sales across any contact groups to quickly see where the bulk of your revenue is coming from.

Easily view the total sales of any product you sell to learn what’s most in demand.

Calculate how your sales are changing from month to month so you can predict upcoming sales numbers and plan ahead.

Are you ready?

Put your finger on the pulse of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a metrics dashboard?

A metrics dashboard is a customizable page that displays all of your most important KPIs in one place. This makes it so that you can keep a pulse on the health of your company in real time and make data-driven decisions.

What are some examples of metrics dashboard KPIs, and which ones should I track?

Depending on your company’s unique priorities, you’ll want to track different metrics, and a good place to start is with the customer lifecycle. When you break up your KPIs into these five separate stages — attract, convert, fulfill, delight and refer — you’ll have a framework to better manage the data and use it to nurture leads and customers from one stage to the next.

For example, in the “awareness” stage you’ll want to track click-through rates (CTR), cost per click (CPC), average time on page, and first-click attribution. Then, in the “convert” stage, you’ll want to track stats such as the number of conversions and opportunities, impressions and cost per acquisition (CPA). Check out this article to learn which stats to track for the other stages of the customer lifecycle.

Why does my business need a metrics dashboard?

Metrics dashboards are the perfect way to accurately monitor your company’s marketing, sales and contact engagement data so that you can optimize and improve your campaign results daily, better understand your customers’ purchasing habits, and project your future revenue. 

What’s the benefit of using a metrics dashboard versus an Excel spreadsheet?

Especially when you’re utilizing an all-in-one platform such as Ontraport, metrics dashboards ensure that all your company data is accessible in one view without having to pull all the numbers manually into an excel spreadsheet. Because the data is automatically pulled directly from your campaigns, you won’t have to spend countless hours entering data, and you won’t run the risk of manual errors affecting your business decisions.

Put your finger on the pulse of your business.