Ontraport offers a number of ways to use email to communicate with leads and customers. One method is a manual “one-off” broadcast which you’ll use if you’d like to send a message just one time, either to an individual or group of contacts. These emails can be scheduled for immediate sending or at any time in the future.
Check out the video about sending a one-off email to learn more.


  • Go to your Contacts list and select which contacts you’d like to email by checking the box to the left of their names. To select or deselect all the contacts on the page, click the checkbox in the header row.
  • The Action menu will appear at the top; click .
  • You’ll then have three options for sending a one-off email:

    1. Send a message without tracking or saving the template for later use
      1. Select Quick Email to create and send an email that will only be saved to the contact log. This is best for one-off or individual messages that you don’t need open, click or conversion rate tracking for.
      2. Select your “From” name and address, add a subject line, and type your message.
      3. To add in reusable blocks of text (such as a signature block or company name and address), click the canned email icon → + New Canned Message and fill in your desired text.
      4. Click the canned email icon again, then select your canned message from the dropdown.
    2. Send an existing message from the Messages collection with full tracking
      1. Select the Choose a Message tab.
      2. Click the Choose a Message dropdown to select an existing message.
      3. Once your message loads, verify the “From” name and address, subject line and body.
    3. Create a new message from the Messages collection with full tracking
      1. Select the Choose a Message tab.
      2. Click + or Create New Template then select the email editor to create your message.
      3. Once you’ve created your email, click Save. You’ll automatically be returned to the Choose a Message tab, and your new message will display in the editor window.
      4. Verify the “From” name and address, subject line and body.
  • When you’re ready to send your message, clickto send your message immediately or the blue schedule and send button to pick a future time and date. 

View and manage manual email sends

When you manually send an email to two or more contacts — either immediately or schedule it to send at a later time — you can view and manage it from your Broadcast History. You can also view emails sent to single contacts if they were scheduled to send at a later time. In this area you can check the status of any manually sent email, check the scheduled delivery time and date, and view email performance stats. Importantly, this is also where you cancel email sends altogether.

Stopping a manual email:

  • Go to Contacts → Broadcast History.
  • Select the broadcast you wish to cancel.
  • Click  .
  • Click .

View manual email stats:

You can check the status of your manually sent emails by hovering over the “sent” column and see the number of messages:

  1. Scheduled
  2. Sent 
  3. Failed 

The “failed” status will also show you why the emails were unable to be delivered.