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Set your partner global settings
Last updated on: July 20, 2024

Before you can create your first partner program, you’ll need to set your partner global settings, which will apply to any partner programs you create. If you decide to set up more than one partner program, each will have its own settings, while the global settings will apply across all programs.

  1. Hover over Profile icon on the top right of your screen, select Administration Advanced FeaturesPartner Programs, and toggle the switch on.
  2. Partners will appear in your main navigation across the top of your screen. Hover over it and click Settings → Global Settings. Configure your settings:
    • Indicate how partners will be paid (PayPal, check or their choice).
    • Decide on a pay threshold, which is the amount of commissions that must accrue before you pay the partner.
    • Select whether you wish your commission to be paid to the first or last referrer.
    • Select when cookies expire. Cookies are used to track people who click on links. If a potential referred lead clicks on a partner’s link, it’ll cookie the lead in their browser for the amount of time you set here. That means that if the lead fills out the form or makes a purchase during that time, the credit will be given to your partner; if the lead completes these steps after the cookie expiration, there is no way to track which partner should get credit for the sale.
  3. Click Save.
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