Software Comparison
Deciding between ClickFunnels vs. Ontraport?
Software Comparison
Deciding between ClickFunnels vs. Ontraport?

Before we go any further, let’s talk about why you’re here

If you’re comparing ClickFunnels vs. Ontraport, you’re clearly on track to finding a platform that can automate your sales and digital marketing strategies.

Still, with so many different features, packages and price points offered by both platforms it can be overwhelming to figure out which one is right for you.

It’s a big decision and an important investment for your business.
We get it, and that’s why we’re here to help clear things up. We’ll give you the facts about Ontraport and our honest assessment of how Ontraport compares to ClickFunnels.

But first, a note: We realize we may come off as biased (heck, we’re Ontraport, comparing ourselves to one of our competitors), but that’s not our intention! We want what’s best for you, whether it’s Ontraport or not. (It’s true — we often refer potential customers elsewhere if we know another tool would better suit their needs. We want you to be successful with our platform, not just pay our bill.)

So, let’s take a look ...

We’ll get into the feature comparisons below,  but what it all comes down to is this: 

At Ontraport, we see ourselves as a partner in your success, not just as another software tool on your belt. Our team cares about your business: We’ll start by working side-by-side with you to create a roadmap for your success, and from then on our over-the-top-helpful support team will be available anytime you need.

Outside of our team, you’ll find a strong community of entrepreneurs and marketers in our highly active Facebook group. While you’re there, you’ll get to know our founder and CEO: He pops up on the regular (really, we can’t keep him away!) to answer questions and share updates.

We built this platform because we wanted to remove the burden of technology so small businesses could bring their value to the world (ahem, that's our mission statement). That translates to a thoughtfully built toolset that empowers you to effectively market and sell your services, alongside a team that’s got your back — for the long haul.

Want to see for yourself?

Try Ontraport free for 14 days to test out all our features and see exactly how it can work for you.
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Want to see for yourself?

Try Ontraport free for 14 days to test out all our features and see exactly how it can work for you.

Let’s look at the  top differences 

Our sales reps have talked to thousands of people who are comparing ClickFunnels vs. Ontraport, so they have a good idea of what separates the two. Here’s what they had to say.

Ontraport offers speedy, multi-channel support for all accounts

Regardless of the platform you choose, you’re going to run into questions as you learn how it works. Like many platforms, ClickFunnels offers chat and phone support — but only for its top pricing tier. If you have a Standard or Platinum plan, it may take up to a few days to get your questions answered. At Ontraport, support is a top priority. No matter what your account level, you’ll have a team of dedicated support reps that you can reach via chat, email or screen share seven days a week — and they not only respond quickly, but they’re over-the-top helpful.

Ontraport tracks the stats you need to get better results

While both platforms are great for building automated marketing systems, only Ontraport offers the detailed reporting you need to determine if those systems actually work. With holistic data and customizable trend charts, you can monitor your sales and refunds, lead and customer activity, page visits, email stats, and more — giving you the insight you need to get better results in the future.

Ontraport has all your must-have features in one subscription

While ClickFunnels’ landing pages and funnels are a good starting point, you’ll need to buy other tools and integrate them with ClickFunnels to actually execute your strategies. With Ontraport you get the complete package. You’ll be able to run end-to-end campaigns to capture new leads, nurture them with emails, process online sales, manage your customers’ needs, get referrals and more — no integrations needed.

Ontraport lets you design and deliver your emails, without integrations

You can use either platform to create emails and add them into your funnels — but only Ontraport can actually deliver those emails without an integration. We have our own email marketing infrastructure and offer smart personalization, reliable delivery, and deliverability support from our team of postmasters.

Ontraport has the features you need, whenever you’re ready for them

ClickFunnels offers a simple set of features that can be appealing at first glance. But as your business grows, you’ll need more capabilities to effectively manage your customers and run more advanced marketing. Ontraport is designed to grow right alongside your business. It offers a full suite of tools to find new customers, launch a partner program or membership site, automate daily workflows and manage your full customer lifecycle in one place.

Ontraport can handle your sales and internal workflow, without other tools

ClickFunnels delivers the necessities for email and marketing automation — but that’s just one part of running a business. You need automation to manage refunds, payment issues or important manual tasks. And if you have a sales team, you’ll want a streamlined way to manage your sales pipeline. With Ontraport you can manage all these internal and sales tasks alongside your marketing so your entire business is in one place.

Ontraport lets you create a membership site, without limiting your options

Hosting a membership site is possible with both platforms. But with Ontraport you get some key site management features like a WordPress integration, an automatic registration process, a Customer Center for your members to reset their passwords, and more. You can even use our prebuilt membership site system to launch the whole thing in minutes — we take care of the automations, pages and emails for you.

What about pricing?

 Let’s compare. 

ClickFunnels’ and Ontraport’s pricing tiers are very similar, but with Ontraport you get a lot more for the same price.

For example, ClickFunnels’ Standard plan limits you to 20 funnels; if you want access to the follow-up funnels, you’ll need to upgrade to at least a Platinum account for $297/month. If you use ClickFunnels, you’ll also need to tack on the costs of an email delivery software so that you can deliver the emails you create in ClickFunnels.

With Ontraport,you can send emails right from the platform and create unlimited funnels and pages, regardless of your account level.

Ontraport accounts start with a commitment-free 14-day free trial. After your trial, if you decide to purchase, you can choose a plan to fit your needs.

Here's what our customers are saying

I used Infusionsoft, Drip and ClickFunnels for years. Ontraport is so different — yet, when I ask how to do this or that, I get quick replies that show the simplicity of this platform. It’s going to be a great long-term cooperation! Well done!
Ontraport is a million times better than ClickFunnels. It has, hands-down, the most comprehensive CRM and platform management system on the planet. Their customer service is second to none and I cannot recommend them enough.
– Jordan Whinnem, Ravensway Strategies, Trustpilot
Ontraport is super easy to use. However, my favorite feature is their excellent support team. On a Saturday night at 10 P.M., I ran into an issue with my account. I reached out to chat support, and they helped me troubleshoot on the spot. The customer service and support is second to none!
– Micala Quinn, Micala Quinn, LLC
This software comparison was last updated on 06/03/2021. If you have any suggested changes or notes, please email them to us.

Ready to see if Ontraport is right for you?

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Ready to see if Ontraport is right for you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to sales process automation — what is it, and why is it such a big deal?

There are lots of time-consuming sales tasks that Ontraport can do for you automatically. Our sales process automation tools can follow up with your leads, keep your pipeline organized and moving, manage your team’s workload and more. Then you can spend more time doing the work that matters most: actually selling your product or service.

I want to get more conversions, but I’m busy. Does Ontraport have any done-for-you sales funnels?

Ontraport has a whole library of prebuilt funnels, so you can get up and running without learning all the ins and outs of the platform. You can launch an entire sales funnel, follow up with leads, segment your list of prospects and more — and each system only takes minutes to launch. The best part is, you’ll get a Setup Wizard that walks you through every step.

I want to give my leads the best experience possible, even as I grow. Can Ontraport handle personalization at scale?

Ontraport is built to grow right alongside you, so it’s easy to create a personal sales experience for every lead on your list — no matter how big your business gets. Since all your sales data will be stored on one centralized platform, you’ll have everything you need to deliver more engaging, more effective experiences across every channel. 

My business uses outbound lead generation to find customers. Can Ontraport help with that?

Ontraport is great for driving both inbound and outbound sales. We have lots of tools to deliver personal, multi-channel messages and connect you with all the right leads at the right times. Plus, you’ll get all the tracking features and KPIs you need to measure and optimize results.

I want to use Ontraport to manage my B2B customer journey and B2B sales funnels. Will it have all the features I need?

Ontraport is perfect for nurturing B2B customers throughout your sales process. You’ll be able to keep all your deals organized, offer more personalized follow-up, keep your team on the same page and more. And with multiple sales pipelines, you can even view and manage every step of your B2B sales process from one screen.

I like the idea of done-for-you sales funnels, but what if I want my campaign to work differently than the template?

Ontraport’s sales pipeline software and prebuilt funnels were built based on feedback from thousands of business owners, but of course, everyone likes to — and should! — put their own spin on things. You can easily adjust any part of these funnels — the copy, design, automation settings and more — however you’d like. You can also skip these systems and start from scratch to build anything you can imagine.
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