Birthday and Holiday Promotions
Increase Revenue and Fortify Customer Relationships wiht Personalized Marketing 
What Are Holiday and Birthday Promotions?

For any business that sell B2C products — whether physical or digital — birthdays and holidays are prime opportunities to drive sales and see a significant spike in revenue.

Automated birthday and holiday promotions are the ideal way for you to streamline high-volume promotional mailing to contacts on your list — a one-to-many solution that spares you an otherwise incredibly tedious and time-consuming process, even with a low volume of leads. Birthday promotions are unique product offers that fire automatically each year as a lead or customer’s birthday rolls around. The only prerequisite is that you’ve collected the birthdates of the leads and added them to your mailing list. Whereas birthday promotions fire around a variable date, holiday autoresponders send out promotional content around a fixed date holiday of your choice.

Why Run Holiday and Birthday Promotions?
Proven to boost sales, automated birthday and holiday promotions engage your leads and customers in a way that prompts them to act on your time-sensitive call to action, raising the probability that they’ll buy from you. Not only do promotions such as these warrant extra correspondences or “touches” with your contacts, they’re generally expected from today’s consumers. In other words, all up-and-coming businesses are doing it, and so should you.  
Boost Customer Retention

By sending birthday and holiday promotions, you’re communicating to your prospects and customers that they’re valued. In doing so, you’re not only fortifying your relationships with your valued customers at scale, you’re generating referrals by delivering a remarkable experience. No matter the size of your business, this is simply a must-have marketing tactic to utilize and automate.
Drive More Sales

Sending people special offers on their birthday is not only a great way to let them know they matter to you on their big day, but it’s a surefire way to drive revenue. Why? Because personalized birthday messages are inherently sentimental. Who doesn’t want to treat themselves to something nice on their birthday? Whereas birthday promotions are an annual touchpoint, holiday promotions allow you to engage your leads and customers multiple times a year with special offers surrounding the holidays you choose to recognize — nationally or internationally. Businesses who take advantage of this around the fall and winter holidays can expect a significant spike in sales.
Where Does Ontraport Fit in With Holiday and Birthday Promotions?

Carrying out elaborate marketing tactics such as holiday and birthday promotions is nearly impossible without using business automation to handle the workload. Even the most organized business can’t possibly keep track of every lead’s birthday — not to mention mass mailing all contacts each holiday. Even if they could, it’s typically a full-time job liable to cost your business a staggering annual salary for something an automated system can do.

Automated birthday and holiday promotions are easy to set up and eliminate the hassle of manually notifying each of your leads and customers of a birthday or holiday promotion — saving you an insane amount of time and resources.

Using Ontraport, you’re able to quickly build campaigns to send automated promotional emails, postcards and SMS messages to your leads on or around either hard dates, such as an annual holiday, or variable dates, such as birthdays.
Who doesn’t love a treat on their birthday? And who doesn’t love to treat themselves for their birthday? It’s because of these behaviors that birthday emails are high performers for RPE (revenue-per-email).

- Cara Olson, Director of Relationship Marketing
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