Product Launches
Build Hype Around Product Launches
What is a Product Launch?

A product launch is a lot more than just releasing a new product on your website. It involves a precisely scheduled series of events leading up to the date your product becomes available for sale. These events consist of correspondences with your email list, the release of free pre-launch content, promotional webinars, or anything that builds buzz leading up to the date your shopping cart opens. The goal is to make as many sales within a brief window of time as possible.

Why Conduct a Product Launch?

It takes a lot of planning, logistics and valuable content to successfully pull off a launch but, when you do, you can expect to make sales and lifelong brand advocates.

Maximize Your Sales Potential

With on-target messaging aimed at the right audience over the right distribution channels, you’ll hype up your audience and nail your launch every time.
Make Lifelong Customers

Customers never forget. By over-delivering on your promise to your customers in the form of a fantastic product and authenticity during your launch cycle, you’re guaranteed to create loyal customers.
How to Launch Your Next Product Using Ontraport

Orchestrating a lucrative product launch involves a lot of moving parts. You need to cover as much ground as you can on a strict budget; content, media, referrals and advertising all cohesively power the engine. So if you’re going to grow and scale your business via a product launch, a reliable automation tool is an absolute necessity to make it happen.

Ontraport’s marketing automation can be tailored to any launch model, regardless of your industry. The platform consolidates automated marketing (SMS, email, voice, and postcards), referral programs, Facebook retargeting, a landing page builder, payment processing, and tracking — everything a small business needs to launch confidently.

What’s cool about this foundational way of marketing is that even with the changes in technology, it stands the test of time. 

- John Gallagher, Founder, Learning Herbs
Examples of Product Launches Using Ontraport

Execute a Chart-Topping Product Launch Campaign with Ontraport.