With IMAP settings, you can integrate your personal email accounts, such as your Gmail or Yahoo accounts with your Ontraport account, allowing all email to and from your contacts to show up in Ontraport. This can make it easier to organize and manage your correspondence.

IMAP is available to users with Ontraport Plus level accounts and above.


  • First, please obtain the following information from your email service provider: the Host Name, Port, and Security Settings.
    1. If you’re using Gmail, please see the Setting Up Gmail IMAP section below for additional steps.
  • Next, you’ll configure the IMAP settings in Ontraport. Be sure to remain logged in to your email account, as you’ll receive an authorization pop-up message or email as you complete this process.
  • Go To profile icon →. In the Email section click Email Sync,  then .
  • Fill in the IMAP details obtained from your email service provider.
    1. Your email service’s server may take up to two minutes to communicate back to Ontraport. Wait for a “failed” message or a listing of mailboxes to appear on the page.
    2. If the connection fails, try changing the Encryption setting. Most articles will say use TLS, but Microsoft Outlook often uses SSL in spite of the published information.
  • When you have successfully connected to your email account, Ontraport will display a list of your email folders. Select the folders you want the IMAP Settings function to search; for most email clients this would include the Inbox and Sent folders.
    1. For Gmail, do not select Inbox as the process will fail. We recommend using the Important and Sent mailboxes.
  • Click , and Ontraport will then scan the mailboxes selected. You’ll be able to see the emails in the Contact History section of your contact records. Note, IMAP connections are checked every few hours but can take 12 hours or more, so allow time before expecting to see the messages.

Setting Up Gmail IMAP

Gmail security presents some unique challenges to setting up IMAP. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Gmail account and make sure IMAP is enabled in the Settings → Forwarding and POP/IMAP → IMAP Access section
  2. Go here and sign in with your Gmail username and password.
  3. Go here and make sure Allow less secure apps: ON is set.
  4. Go here and verify that Access for less secure apps is set to Turn on.
  5. Remain logged in to your Gmail account and complete the configuration in Ontraport.

If you receive an error message that indicates Ontraport cannot authenticate the IMAP server, you can resolve it by following the steps in the Google Troubleshooter.

To verify that your IMAP integrations are functioning

Every time you save your IMAP settings, a pop-up appears at the bottom of your screen to update you on your sync. You can also verify that all your IMAP integrations are functioning from your collection screen by adding two columns.

To add your columns:

  • Go to profile iconadministrationEmailEmail Sync.
  • Click column editor iconadd button → select “Last Synced Status.”
    1. To see the date of your last sync, click add button again and select “Last Synced.”
  • Click save.