Nurture Your Leads
Boost Sales Using Targeted Marketing
What is Lead Nurturing?

The rule of seven dictates that most prospects won’t take the next step in the customer life cycle until they’ve heard from you or engaged with your content at least seven times. In the age of constant incoming information and intrusive advertising, this rule has never been more important. Simply blasting a one-off email message doesn’t cut it anymore.

To truly reach the customer, we marketers need to diversify our messaging to communicate both how and when our leads want to hear from us; you need to gradually nurture your leads towards a sale. This means using more than just one medium; email is great but a multi-pronged approach is better. Tools such as automated SMS messaging, physical postcards, and even retargeting can help you reach your customer in a constructive way and gain the coveted conversions you seek.

By creating a series of mixed media messages featuring engaging content highlighted occasionally by an offer, businesses like yours have been able to garner more leads, build brand advocates, and create a reliable machine for generating consistent sales. 

Why use Lead Nurturing?
It’s been proven time and time again that the more often leads are exposed to a particular offer or brand, the more likely they are to buy. However in today’s climate of constant noise, marketers need to deliver pertinent content/messaging to them in mediums that have their attention. Using a tactical combination of email and SMS (and even retargeting) in your marketing can be a great way to diversify marketing messaging and keep your product top of mind. Doing so while consistently measuring ROI is the key to a significant increase in leads over time: the fast track to more revenue for your business.  
Secure a Steady Stream of Leads More Likely to Buy

By qualifying your leads via multiple touch points, you’ll drive more traffic to your Landing Pages and website. Keeping the right offer top of mind is known to increase sales by 20% or more.
Free up Your Marketing Team Resources

Automated lead generation done right produces more high-quality sales leads with less manual effort, allowing you to focus your marketing efforts elsewhere for a greater ROI. Rather than handling busy work, you’re free to refine your offer, seek out alternate channels of revenue, and up your overall creativity.
Where Does Ontraport Fit in With Lead Nurturing?
With the development of the online marketplace and automation tools such as Ontraport, planning and executing lead nurturing campaigns is now a walk in the park.

Ontraport makes this easy by combining all of the various tools you need for a multi-medium campaign into one tool. By means of automated marketing (aka funnels) of emails, SMS, and physical postcards, you can nurture your leads over time to achieve the ideal seven touch points, ensuring the greatest odds at converting. The details of setting up such a series varies system by system — review our examples (below) to get an idea of the scope of possibilities.
If you want to supercharge your leads, it’s not enough to just attract potential customers to your list. Once they’re there, you’ve got to build a relationship with them.

- Neil Patel, Co-Founder
Examples of Lead Nurturing Using Ontraport

Learn How Ontraport and Lead Nurturing Can Grow Your Business.