Automated Retargeting
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What is Retargeting?

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a method of advertising where you track site visitors who don’t take a desired action, such as filling out a form, requesting a consultation or purchasing a product, and continue to nurture them over time with Facebook ads.

The idea is that someone who’s already shown interest in your business is more likely to become a customer than someone who’s never heard of you (sometimes called a cold audience), thus giving you a better return on your marketing efforts.

How Does Retargeting Work?

There are three ways a person can be added to a Facebook Custom Audience:

1. By visiting one of your pages containing a Facebook pixel.
2. By interacting with your mobile app (if you have one).
3. By manually uploading a contact’s email address or phone number.

We’re going to be focusing on the third option. In order to do this, export a contact’s email address or phone number from your contact management system into a spreadsheet. Then upload the spreadsheet to Facebook where any accounts with a matching email address or phone number will get added to your custom audience. This allows you to:

•  Collect leads offline, then retarget them online.
•  Engage in a partnership where you don’t control the Facebook pixel on the page(s) being used, but still get a list
and add them to your custom audiences.
•  Retarget prospects, leads and clients based on an infinitely wider range of criteria than simply ‘visiting a page’. 

Where Does Ontraport Fit?

The retargeting concept above is very basic, but with Ontraport you can take Facebook retargeting to a whole new level. Once your Ontraport and Facebook accounts are connected, you can automatically add and remove your contacts from Facebook custom audiences using campaign goals. For example, you might want prospects to see one ad on Facebook, while new customers might see a different set of ads. There are two main benefits to this type of automation:

It Saves You Time

We know firsthand how time consuming this process can be. Initially it can seem pretty simple to export and import a list once a day, but as you begin to use Facebook Custom Audiences for more advanced campaigns it becomes increasingly complex.
Allows You to Leverage Contact Data Stored in Ontraport

You could add/remove contacts from Custom Audiences based on lead score, opened or clicked emails, birthday, and much more. This allows you to craft extremely targeted display ads to your existing leads.

The idea here is to really leverage Ontraport’s features to get the most out of your retargeting efforts. If you’re already doing retargeting campaigns, this will only strengthen your audiences. If you haven’t started using retargeting in your marketing, there’s no better time or place to start.

Remarketing is an essential component for paid search, social media and content marketers alike. It just makes everything work better.

- Larry Kim, Founder and CTO
Examples of Retargeting Using Ontraport

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