SMS Marketing
Use Text Messaging for Higher Marketing ROI
What is SMS Marketing?

There’s no question that widespread use of mobile devices has exploded and will continue to do so; the number of mobile internet users exceeds desktop users by millions. With so many people checking their email and social media feeds and, more importantly for business owners, purchasing items online via their mobile devices, it’s a no-brainer that businesses capitalize on this medium — particularly in their marketing efforts.

Enter SMS marketing: a means of sending your leads and customers promotional messages — coupled with your email marketing efforts — directly to their mobile phones. The value of SMS marketing lies not only in its ubiquity but in the fact that replying to customers and engaging in two-way conversations via SMS can be carried into any industry. Businesses can send coupon codes, appointment reminders and thank you messages; host contests; send special offers and more all by means of automation. Striking a chord with your audience on a personal level has never been a more attainable goal.

Why Market Using SMS?

Transcending all other marketing mediums, SMS allows you to reach your leads and customers anywhere, any time.

A huge boost in ROI 

With the right messaging, and the opportunity to reach your audience wherever and whenever, SMS marketing opens your business to big returns for minimum investment. 
Competitive Advantage

98% of SMS messages are read compared to 22% of emails. Synthesize the two into full-fledged marketing campaigns, and you’ve got an engagement powerhouse.
Where Does Ontraport Fit?

Integrating an SMS campaign into your marketing strategy using Ontraport will positively change the way you interact with leads and clients and dramatically boost message engagement. Setting up SMS in Ontraport takes as little as 10 minutes. Simply pick a phone number, then test it on your phone. From there you’re able to bake SMS into any of your existing or forthcoming marketing campaigns or automated lead and customer follow-up processes. Anyone who’s given you explicit permission to receive texts will be eligible — making them accessible wherever they happen to be. In addition to being easy to set up, SMS functionality is fully built right into Ontraport (even two-way communication), requiring no other platforms or expensive add-ons to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

It’s important to invest your energy into things you know work, and we know that SMS works and is a thing to focus on. 

- Tom Daly, Interactive Marketing Executive
Examples of SMS Marketing Using Ontraport

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