Self-Scheduling Appointments
Reduce No Shows and Keep Your Services Calendar Full
What Are Self-Scheduling Appointments?

Whether you run a service-based, SaaS or 1-on-1 coaching business, keeping your calendar full is paramount to your success. That’s where automated online scheduling comes in. Automated online scheduling is a low-cost, highly scalable solution for streamlining your appointment follow-ups to minimize an otherwise significant loss of leads and customers.

The idea is that leads or customers schedule an appointment with you using an online form — for a product demo, consultation or a service call — after which they receive automated appointment reminders leading up to the scheduled booking prompting them to attend the event.

Proven to drastically reduce appointment no-shows, automated appointment confirmation and reminders keep leads and customers on course in your sales funnel by notifying them of an appointment while keeping you (or your team) up-to-date on their attendance status. It’s simply the most efficient way to manage high-volume bookings and appointments — hands-off.

Why Automate Appointment Reminders?
 One of the biggest missed opportunities for any business is when a lead or customer fails to show up for a scheduled appointment. Consider customer lifetime value: Not only are you losing a potential sale, you may be letting a potential client slip through your fingers. Every no-show steals a good chunk of your time that could have been spent on another potential client. This happens because there’s little accountability for your leads to respect your time. Good thing there’s a simple turnkey solution for all your appointment scheduling woes: automation.   
Save Loads of Time and Money by Eliminating Manual Work

Not only is manually managing appointment reminders tough to scale, it’s time wasted on a process that can be automated entirely. Streamlining online booking with automation vastly improves your business operations by ensuring all leads are accounted for — no matter how high the volume.
Boost ROI by Drastically Reducing No-Shows

Automated appointment follow-up has shown to reduce no-shows by 50%. Every no-show is a potential missed sale or repeat customer. That’s why promoting accountability through effective, automated correspondence results in more leads honoring their appointments with you. Mutually respecting each other’s time instills trust in your brand and in turn increases sales.
Where Does Ontraport Fit in With Automated Appointment Reminders?
Did you know that the most common reason for appointment no-shows is that the lead or customer simply forgot? By implementing automated appointment reminders into your follow-up process, you’re ensuring that not a single lead or customer is left unaccounted for.

Traditionally, whenever leads or clients book an appointment with a business, they receive a phone call confirming the booking — sometimes more than one. When confronted with a high volume of customers, this becomes a tedious job demanding many man-hours a week. Or maybe appointments are indeed booked on a web form on a business’s website that logs appointment date and time. Though the booking itself now takes place online, it still requires the human element in the form of reminder correspondences that cost time, money and resources.

Ontraport removes all the manual work, leaving you with a fully streamlined and automated appointment booking system. You can utilize web forms and automated messaging to remove the human element from online booking without forfeiting a personal touch. This ensures that leads and customers can book appointments with you online on their own time. Once booked, Ontraport leaves no room for error, handling appointment reminders, sending attendance prompts and tracking whether or not your leads and customers honor their appointments.
The more you’re able to successfully automate your business, the easier it is for you and your team to focus on creating new value for your clients.

- Landon Ray, Founder and CEO
Examples of Self-Scheduling Appointments Using Ontraport

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