Streamline Your Sales Process

Nurture your leads, close more deals, and create a remarkable sales experience — all automatically.

Sales Force Automation with Ontraport
Streamline Your Sales Process
Nurture your leads, close more deals, and create a remarkable sales experience — all automatically.
What is Sales Force Automation?

Add up the hours it takes your sales team to run through their daily tasks: scheduling appointments, following up with leads via email or phone call, prioritizing leads, tallying up the numbers, and logging the outcome of their efforts. That’s a hefty, demanding workload that can be taxing on both your team’s time and their productivity. Did you know there’s a way to take most of this manual work off your plate?

Sales force automation takes all repetitive sales tasks and drops them into one automated, repeatable system, facilitating a smooth experience tailored to any sales model as well as the unique buyer’s journey. Imagine the rate at which your sales team could close sales with a short, predictable sales cycle. What if they could avoid all menial sorting and prioritizing, freeing them up to speak only to those who are likely to buy? That’s the beauty of automating your sales force.
Why Sales Force Automation?
For a small sales team, fully automating your sales processes puts a full-stop to all menial tasks your sales reps and sales managers conduct over the course of their day. In doing so, you’re equipping your sales force to work smarter, not harder.  
Generate More Sales

By immediately notifying your sales reps of a new, qualified lead, your team can shorten its sales cycle as well as make accurate projections of sales down the line.
Boost Your Sales Team's Productivity and Efficiency

By merging their manual and automated tasks into one streamlined system, sales reps can focus on selling with consistent results.
Where Does Ontraport Fit?
Ontraport’s sales force automation gives you the ability to generate more prospects, nurture your leads and close more sales. The platform allows you to optimize your entire sales process to create a remarkable and consistent sales experience for your customers.

Regardless of your industry or products, Ontraport can be tailored to your unique sales model. Automated lead prioritization — based on the degree of interaction with your business — feeds only the hottest leads to your sales team. When a qualified lead has entered your pipeline, automated task prompts can notify your team to perform a non-automated action, such as a follow-up phone call to a lead. Task “outcomes” further streamline the process by allowing sales reps to choose a designated outcome after a task has been completed. What all this means for you is a solution-oriented sales cycle requiring little to no manual data entry.
The return on investment with Ontraport is huge. We are a sales and service organization for water conditioning systems. We mostly deal with homeowners. The automated messaging and task management is the best investment we have made in our company. Humans make errors. Ontraport ensures that my clients get a consistent experience and our referrals prove it. Nothing is worse for goodwill than dropping the ball on a client. We have our Ontraport system set up to ensure that never happens."

- Eric Foronjy, Ontraport Customer
Examples of Sales Force Automation Using Ontraport

Learn How Ontraport’s Sales Force Automation Platform Can Grow Your Business. ​​​​​​​

Boost Your Sales Team's Efficiency and Your Revenue

Our platform allows you to optimize and streamline your entire sales process to create an extraordinary sales experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the definition of sales force automation?
The term “sales force automation” refers to using a software tool to automate many of the interactions with the leads in your sales pipeline. This might include automatically sending them an email with follow-up information when they submit an inquiry on your website, creating tasks to remind your team to call or email a lead personally, automatically routing incoming leads to distribute them between your team equally or even assigning a lead score that quickly shows your team how qualified each prospect is.

​​​​​​​Many entrepreneurs are unsure about the difference between sales and marketing automation. Although you can (and should) use one system for both, they focus on different types of communications and different goals. While marketing automation focuses on turning people on your list into qualified leads, sales automation is about turning qualified leads into customers for your business.
What are some sales force automation examples?
Some of the most common ways you can implement sales force automation in your business is by automating demo requests, free consultations, inbound and outbound sales, lead scoring and lead routing. To see these examples in action, check out our Ontraport usecase, Streamline Your Sales Process.

What are the benefits of sales force automation?
Although sales force automation requires some time and energy to implement in your business, the payoff is worth the initial investment. By adding SFA to your business, you can reduce your marketing costs, create more loyal customers, save time, increase your sales conversions, increase your revenue, and more.
Which sales force automation features does Ontraport Have?
Ontraport’s feature set offers automated tasks and follow-up, lead scoring, lead routing, and sales pipeline management with deals and opportunities.