Basic Bananas

Basic Bananas

Having A Great Lifestyle Is Beneficial To Your Business

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They relish the smell of the saltwater and the warmth of the rising sun on their faces as they glide along the waves. Christo and Franziska begin each morning with a surf before work, as they believe it’s the best way to start the day. In their words, “You know, having a great lifestyle is very beneficial to business; it’s beneficial to the culture here, and the team coming to work for us.”

For these two business owners, entrepreneurship has always been about fashioning a business to achieve the dream lifestyle they envisioned.

From the beginning, Christo and Franziska set out to build a business that would grant them two things they value dearly: flexibility and fun. Their goal was to be able to pick up and travel with short notice in order to see family or to feed their adventurous spirits. And they’re also passionate about helping others succeed and enjoy their own lives.

How They Did it

So this duo founded Basic Bananas, dedicated to helping other small businesses grow, and launched it with ONTRAPORT. Through their videos and seminars, Christo and Franziska’s team enables entrepreneurs to build marketing systems that promote growth. Basic Bananas knows that working tirelessly on a business sucks the joy out of it. So they get entrepreneurs on track, in control, successfully growing their businesses, and back to having fun being small business owners. Their happiness springs from bringing this joy back into others’ lives. Oh, and from the surfing.

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