Finding Your Place [Video]

Finding Your Place [Video]

A Mother's Journey to Bring New Consciousness to Parenting

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“At the end of our time together, where do you want to end up?”

An open-ended question with a conscious intention. Parents the world over have fortified their relationships with their children after hearing it — one hand nurturing the other.

ONTRAPORT client, Susan Stiffelman, is a parenting coach. Her receptive approach to parenting has earned her coveted bestselling author status, speaking engagements, and intimate coaching sessions with clients globally — including some pretty high-profile people. Even so, she asserts that there’s nothing wealth can give her that she can’t already have now — a mindset she attributes to motherhood.

A teacher when she became a mother, Susan accepted the matriarchal role graciously. Humbly, she draws from her personal experience and applied knowledge to enrich the lives of parents and children wherever they may live.

But there’s a limitation: She’s only human. She can’t be everywhere at once. Or can she?

Susan’s influence stretches worldwide in the form of original written and video content to online workshops, to audio products, to life classes managed, distributed and automated by ONTRAPORT, her vehicle to distribute educational content to the world.

“The people that are on the receiving end are not people sitting in front of me. For the most part, I’m reaching those I will never meet.”

She attributes her liberation from manual busywork to her trusty business automation platform. It not only keeps her in touch with all who seek out her wisdom, but it maintains her unique voice in every communication and piece of content, leaving nothing sounding robotic or inauthentic.

“It certainly has made it easy for me to sign people up, get them involved, and deliver content.”

Susan’s story of motherhood and entrepreneurship is a blunt reminder that if you’re good at something, share it; good things will follow.

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