A Dedicated Father Grows a Business Out of a Family Pastime

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Shortly before his passing, a loving father imparted some poignant wisdom to his son: Work hard, but always make time for your family.

For many, this edict seems all too paradoxical. It’s not uncommon for a business call to take precedence over a school play or a family dinner. If you’re not careful, your work can consume you.

While John Gallagher acknowledges this very fact, he’s proven that dedicating ample time to your family is not the antithesis of entrepreneurship. The intrepid husband and father of two has successfully grown an herbal education business, LearningHerbs, out of a family pastime.The Gallagher family is the glue that holds the business together: generating ideas, creating content and drawing inspiration from one another as they strive to bring a multisensory learning experience into the lives of people they touch — all from the comfort of their home in Port Townsend, Washington. And best of all: John leaves no empty seats at school plays and makes no long distance goodnight phone calls.

“A lot of people say, ‘Let’s get our money and life and everything figured out before we have kids,’ but they don’t realize you can incorporate your family into your own business, and your family can help you create what you do in the world.”

With ONTRAPORT under the hood, John carries on his father’s legacy knowing full well his homegrown business will continue to thrive in good hands.

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John Gallagher, entrepreneur and poster child of Jeff Walker’s Launch Formula uses ONTRAPORT to merge family and business.
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