Not Beyond Saving: Lisa Scolnick’s Story

Not Beyond Saving: Lisa Scolnick’s Story

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Buffalo, New York. A great place to stop and grab some wings; not such a great place to find work.

Once a burgeoning trade terminus at the forefront of American industry, Buffalo is now a casualty of de-industrialization. Fifty years after its post-WWII manufacturing boom, the bustling metropolis has steadily fallen from grace. Many think it’s beyond saving; a dead city jettisoned by America’s post-industrial fallout.

But who’s to say America’s manufacturing sector has dipped below the point of no return? Lisa Scolnick isn’t so sure. She grew up in Buffalo. It’s home. The people there take care of each other, and she’s been giving it her all to breathe life back into what was once the 8th largest city in America.

It sounds paradoxical, but Lisa left her job in the manufacturing industry to save it. She couldn’t move the machine from the inside, so she stepped around the system to start her own business as a Lean Manufacturing Consultant.

But it wasn’t long before the unthinkable happened: A medical emergency brought her and her unborn daughter to the brink of death. In what were sure to be her final moments, Lisa pulled through — almost defiantly — making it known that she wasn’t beyond saving. She hadn’t fulfilled her purpose of putting America on the fast track to economic resurgence, starting with Buffalo.

Her strategy is a marriage of education, re-industrialization and automation she calls Lean Academy Live: a comprehensible program of online training videos distributed and managed by ONTRAPORT.

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