Paring Australia’s Carbon Footprint

Paring Australia’s Carbon Footprint

How Will Davies is Healing the Planet One Driver At a Time

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If cycling to the office bathed in the morning rays of the Sydney sun is your idea of a dream, Will Davies is living it. The leisurely commute not only helps the Aussie CEO unwind, it also keeps his carbon footprint off the radar, which is what his business, Car Next Door, is all about.

Car Next Door gives city dwellers who don’t own a car the opportunity to borrow one from friendly neighbors whose cars sit idle. In doing so, Will and his team advocate community and environmental consciousness. It’s more than neighbor-to-neighbor car sharing; it’s infectious magnanimity. “The whole reason that we’re doing this is to have fun, reduce the amount of carbon that’s going to the world, and do stuff that we love to do.”

Will’s vision of a pitch-perfect business is one in which he can carry out the higher purpose behind his company while doing what he wants to do because he wants to do it–not because he has to. And he adheres to that while balancing his business and devoting all the time he needs to his wife and two young kids. In life, through the eyes of Will Davies, the pages are torn off the calendar with anticipation rather than apprehension–all because he built a business he loves.

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