The Venice Beach boardwalk plays host to a colorful band of characters: street performers, dreamers, lurkers, fitness freaks, tourists and those you couldn’t possibly bundle into a discernible clique. Break stride even for an instant and you’ll find yourself an unsuspecting participant in a dance circle or among the first to sample a local artist’s mixtape through a set of weathered, old headphones.

To Rick Martinez, this is the office: where it all began. The vibrant panorama stretches well beyond the periphery of his entrepreneurial beginnings; it’s always been part of him. Several times a year Rick returns to his coastal sanctuary from his new base of operations in San Antonio, Texas to reconnect and draw new inspiration for his business, Project Bink.

ONTRAPORT affords him that luxury. Wherever he goes, his business goes with him: running itself even when Rick’s laptop is safely stowed away.

It’s helped him fuel his life’s purpose. Something that took a painful, debilitating accident and the stories shared thereafter to click into place.

About Martin Cogburn
Martin Cogburn, Ontraport's Senior Content Strategist, cherishes and strives to master the art of great storytelling. Originally from Frankfurt, the German native attended UCSB after growing up in the Santa Barbara area. Martin wears multiple hats in his role at Ontraport: story producer, blog author, scriptwriter, and content curator -- all of which get his creative juices flowing. On top of that, he's an avid film enthusiast. Name any movie and there's a pretty good chance Martin can tell you all about it.