Landing Pages In Minutes To Attract More Customers

Standout in the crowded online marketplace

Landing Pages in Minutes to Attract More Customers
Stand Out in the Crowded Online Market

Put your business out there

You’ve got products to sell — now let the world know about them. Ontraport Pages
are your place to showcase your offers and draw visitors into your brand.
Uniquely Yours
Represent your brand perfectly with the extreme flexibility to tailor your pages exactly how you’d like.

Create a page fast and without a web developer using professionally designed templates and an intuitive canvas.

Capture visitors’ information and make sales via forms that play well with your other business systems.
Control your canvas

Create and launch your pages without a professional designer or developer using a simple drag-and-drop interface that shows you exactly what you’re doing as you’re doing it.

Get started quickly with our extensive library of page templates and pre-designed icons, buttons and forms created to cover the essentials.

Express your brand and suit your exact vision with highly customizable settings for fonts, sizes, colors, layout and every element of your page, and mark your “favorites” for easy, fast access every time you create a page.

Keep your page-building experience smooth with your must-have palette options at the forefront, and simply toggle on your advanced customization when needed.

Build your list and grow your sales

Use your pages to their fullest potential with a multitude of capabilities to capture visitors’ information and entice them to buy.

Use built-in forms on your pages to capture leads, take orders and more without integrating and paying for a third party web form builder.

Create lightbox forms that pop up based on the visitors’ actions to garner attention, and automatically pre-fill forms to make it easier for leads to convert.

Add order bumps or one-click upsell offers to your sales pages to sell more to your customers right at the point of checkout, and increase your total revenues.

Connect with customers

Provide individualized experiences to each page visitor thanks to the seamless tie between your pages and your CRM contact database in the platform.

Show each page visitor different information and offers based on who they are, where they came from, and more using dynamic content to drive conversions in unprecedented ways.

Reach customers whether they’re viewing your page on a mobile device, tablet or desktop with responsive pages that adapt to any screen size, and show different content on each device for a more targeted experience. 

Show each visitor the right message at the right time to prompt action by setting certain content blocks to show after a designated period of time.

Know what’s working

Use our built-in analytics to track important performance metrics so that you can adjust your pages for better results. 

Record unique page visitors to see which pages are most popular, and track conversion rates to generate more qualified leads.

Split test individual elements on your web pages to gain valuable insight about what copy and design elements work for your audience.

See up-to-the-minute lead source tracking data and performance stats so you can make strategic budgeting and planning decisions.

Are you ready?

Land more customers with pages that sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are standalone web pages designed to spur a specific audience to take a specific action. They introduce visitors to what you offer, spark their interest, and convince them to follow through on your call to action. You may want visitors to provide you with their email address so you can stay in touch with relevant offers, or you may be encouraging them to purchase your product or service; either way, a well-written and designed landing page compels them to do so.

What's the difference between a landing page and a website? 

A website home page is a general page with lots of information about your business — think of it as walking into a store and seeing everything at once: all the items on display, the customer support desk, the employees, and so on. A landing page is much more focused, typically on one product or offer, and its sole purpose is to prompt a visitor to take a desired action. Landing pages eliminate distractions and deliver exactly what visitors expect. They’re much more effective at persuading visitors to convert than home pages. 

What are some types of landing pages? 

Some common types of landing pages include lead capture pages to incentivize new prospects to opt in to your email list, sales pages to convert page visitors into paying customers, and thank you pages to nurture your relationship with new customers post-purchase. 

What are some examples of landing pages built with Ontraport Pages?

The page you’re viewing was built with Ontraport Pages! Check out this article to see how Ontraport clients are using Ontraport Pages to successfully convert customers. 

How do I create landing pages that convert?

There are many best practices for what to include on your landing pages to increase conversions, and they often boil down to gaining the trust of your page visitors and conveying the value of your offer in a way that prompts action. This article details how to incorporate these concepts onto your pages from the moment a visitor arrives until they complete your call to action.

Does Ontraport Pages offer landing page templates? 

Yes, dozens of beautiful, professionally designed templates are available for free to Ontraport users. Choose from a variety of layouts to get started quickly, then feel free to tailor the template to your brand.

Why should I use a landing page builder inside of Ontraport instead of one of the many separate landing page builders available?

Your landing pages are an integral piece of a cohesive marketing strategy. When they live within your CRM and marketing automation platform that also hosts all your other customer touch points, you’re able to create seamless and personalized experiences for each customer in ways you couldn’t with disparate systems.

It’s also much easier to manage just one platform, without the need for complicated integrations that end up costing more in the long run. With your landing pages natively built into your system that runs all your marketing automation, you’ve got everything you need in one place and are empowered to launch your pages and campaigns quickly and easily.