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Sales reports
Last updated on: April 11, 2023

Monitoring your sales performance is essential for pinpointing strengths and weaknesses, optimizing your sales processes, and making projections for future results. With Ontraport sales reports, you can pull up the detailed information you need to understand what’s happening in your business and make data-driven decisions.

Sales reports are available to users with Ontraport Plus accounts and above. To access them in your account, go to SalesReports.

Types of sales reports

the sales reports selection options

There are nine categories of reports available, each with several configuration options. Here’s a breakdown of what each report does:

  1. Sales: Shows cumulative sales for all of your products
  2. Subscriber Retention: Provides statistics on open orders, average days on subscription, revenue and the average customer value
  3. Subscription Sales: Provides information on completed, pending, cancelled subscription orders and subscriptions currently in collections
  4. Transaction Logs: Lists individual transactions by contact; it includes pre-formatted or custom date ranges and group options to organize your views of the data
    • Select an individual transaction to act on it. In the actions menu you can re-run, refund or void a transaction, re-run commissions, resend invoices, email the contact, or export the selected transactions.
  5. Product Sales Logs: Lists each individual sales transaction by retrieving purchase history, contact record, and product data information
  6. Customer Value: Provides a snapshot of customer value by contact name
  7. Shipping Collected: Shows you the status of shipping payments within a specific date range
  8. Taxes Collected: Keeps track of sales tax payment status within a specific date range
  9. Open Orders: Provides information on the upcoming payment plan, subscription payments or the order to be processed at the end of a free trial period
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 Pro tips
Tip #1. Select any or all data from your report and click Export in the actions menu. The export will be emailed to the email address you specify in a CSV file.
Tip #2. Many of the reports allow customization through the use of groups and date ranges. There is not currently a way to create ad hoc, custom reports.
Tip #3. For sales metrics not listed in the reports above, try setting up custom metrics in your Metrics Dashboard.
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