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Split test emails
Last updated on: April 11, 2023

Split testing is a way of running an experiment to compare multiple versions of an email to determine which one brings the best results. Typically, you will change just one element of the email — the subject line, an image, the CTA button, etc. — across multiple versions so that you can accurately assess the reason one email might “win” over another.

Setting up your email split test takes place in the Automation Builder within the automation map where the emails are housed. Before you split test your emails, you’ll need to have at least two emails set up that you’d like to compare.

  1. While in the Automation Builder in the automation map where your emails are set to send automatically, find where you would like to add your split testing and click on the the plus icon.
  2. Once the Add New Item box appears, click on the Filters tab, then select Split.

the split element

  1. Next, you’ll want to add in the emails to be tested. Click on the Add Version A box. The Add New Item box appears again; select Send an Email.

the send an email element

  1. You’ll be prompted back to the Ontraport Email editor screen. Select the Send An Email block to adjust the settings in navigation on the left. Add in your email for Version A from the dropdown menu, and add version B by repeating the steps above.
  2. To edit either version for your split test, simply select which version you want to edit from the dropdown in the settings navigation, make your changes, and click Save.
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 Pro tips
1. For tracking purposes, Ontraport cookies the visitor’s browser with the page version the visitor has viewed. On return visits, the visitor will always see the same version of the page.
2. To test the split test function, delete all cookies on your own browser between each visit to the page.
3. After you’ve thoroughly split tested and determined which page is the “winner,” you can select that version in the Ontraport Pages editor, then toggle off split testing so onlythat version is what visitors see, and click save.
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