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Track email links
Last updated on: April 11, 2023

Ontraport automatically tracks link clicks in every email you send through Ontraport Email. This tracking takes two forms: automatic link tracking and tracking link clicks by message.

Automatic link tracking

Measuring your message’s performance is best done by focusing on if the message is leading your contacts to perform a specific action, rather than solely concentrating on how many clicks your messages get. This is where automatic link tracking is beneficial.

If you have a Pro account or above, link tracking via UTMs can be automatically added to each link in your messages. When you select “Add tracking to the links in this email” in the settings of your message, Ontraport will create UTM parameters to add to each link.

  1. Choose an existing message, or create a new email message that you want to add tracking to.
    • Make sure this email has at least one link that sends your contacts to a page where they can purchase from you, or submit a form you would like filled out.
    • The UTM parameters added to your messages are based on how the message was sent and the subject of the message.
  2. Click Settings and “Add tracking to the links in this email.”
  3. Click Save.

Tracking link clicks by message

This feature is best used to simply count link clicks or to trigger automation. Each link you add to a message is numbered from top to bottom and referred by that number in the tracking statistics. You can set up automation around email link clicks by connecting them to triggers and goals in your automation maps. Tracking link clicks by message is available to all account levels.

If you do not have a Pro account or above, you can set up automation to track how many contacts are clicking links in your messages.

  1. Choose an existing or create a new email message that you want to set up corresponding automation for. Make sure this email has at least one link in it.
  2. Pick an existing or create a new automation map to connect with your email message.
  3. Inside this map, add a trigger or goal and select “Clicks email link” as the action that will fire your automation.
    • When creating your trigger or goal, you can also set a condition. This means that the trigger or goal will only activate if the additional conditions you specify are met.
  4. In the dropdown, find and add the email you chose in step 1, then specify the link number.
    • Each link you add is numbered from top to bottom and referred to by that number in the tracking statistics (the first link is “1,” the second link is “2,” and so on).
  5. Click Done.
  6. Below your new trigger or goal, click + to add your desired actions or filters.

Create a map for automatic link tracking:

  1. Choose an existing automation map, or create a new map.
  2. Click What happens next? and add at least one email element.
  3. Click What happens next? again to add a goal to your automation and select the action you would like to track.
  4. Complete your map, and click PublishSave.
  5. Use the tracking filter in your automation map’s Performance Mode to track your conversions.

Use Case: Automatic link tracking

Let’s say you’re sending out emails promoting your latest product launch, and you would like to see which email is leading to the most sales. Your emails contains links to your sales page, and you’ve selected “Add tracking to the links in this email” in your message settings.

In your product launch promotion automation map where your email lives, you will add a goal for “product is purchased” and select your new product. Once your automation is running, go to Performance Mode and click Tracking to select which UTM parameter to sort by. If you want to see the name of your message, select “content” and select “last” from the dropdown to show the last email that contacts clicked before achieving your goal.

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 Pro tips
Tip #1: If you’re an Ontraport Pro user or above with UTM tracking enabled in your account, adding the Google Analytics tracking script to your linked pages will allow you to collect even more valuable data> from link clicks.
Tip #2: If you have multiple links in your email, you may want to set up one trigger or goal that activates when a contact clicks on ANY of them. To do this, use "link #0" when setting up your trigger or goal.
Tip #3: Messages sent through the quick email editor are not tracked.
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