Ontraport’s email marketing feature (OntraMail) makes it easy to create mobile-responsive emails and send them as one-offs or schedule them as part of your automation to segmented groups. Use our library of professionally designed email templates or create your own with our intuitive email builder.
Ontraport provides several email editors to fit your needs, and here’s when you would use each:

  1. Simple Email: to create simple messages that you can save and send using any broadcast method, including in automations
  2. OntraMail: to create polished newsletters and on-brand marketing messages 
  3. Quick Email: to send one-off messages in no time
  4. Raw HTML email editor: to use third party HTML templates or use your own code 


To Create and Edit an OntraMail Email

  • Go to CampaignsMessages →   .
    1. If you have Deals, Companies or Custom Objects enabled, go to ContactsMessages
  • Select a pre-designed email template for editing or start from scratch. Add a name for your email (this is a title for your internal reference).
  • If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll be prompted to add a block to start your layout. If you’ve loaded a template, it will load onto your screen. Either way, the screen is divided into two sections: On the left is the palette, and on the right is the canvas where changes appear in true “what you see is what you get” mode. 
  • Edit your email by adjusting the blocks, which are the boxes that make up the layout of your email, by hovering over the area you’d like to edit and clicking . You can also edit the elements within your blocks, such as the text, colors and images, by clicking on the item you want to edit and using the settings palette on the left sidebar to customize.
    1. You can add merge fields to your email, which allow information such as the recipient’s name or coupon code to populate in the email automatically when you send it. To add a merge field, click inside any block which contains text and then click theicon on the top navigation bar. 
    2. If you’d like to incorporate video into your email, you’ll choose a video block, add a thumbnail image of your video, and hyperlink it to an externally hosted video. This is because all major email providers, such as Gmail and Outlook, cannot play videos in the email message due to technical limitations. For more info, check out the Editing Emails article.
    3. To hyperlink to a telephone number, highlight the text you want to link, then click the hyperlink button. Select the URL option, then enter “tel:” followed by your number. For example, tel:+1-805-888-8888.
  • To view and adjust your email for mobile devices: Click theicon in the top right of the editing bar. The canvas will scale to 360px wide, which is the average size of a small mobile device. From here, you can adjust the font size, line height, line weight and images. Click save
  • Add your email settings, such as your email “from” address, subject line and tracking links, by clicking on Settings in the top navigation. When finished, click save.
  1. Be sure to click the   button in the Settings tab to generate a plain text version of the email to accompany the HTML version. This helps tremendously with getting your emails delivered to your recipients’ inboxes. 


To Create a “Plain Email”

While well-designed marketing emails are valuable, there are cases where you may want to create a more simple message. Plain text emails can appear to be a more personal message that could have been written solely for the recipient. Here’s how to create them in Ontraport.

In the Simple Email Editor

  • Go to CampaignsMessages     .
    1. If you have Deals, Companies or Custom Objects enabled, go to Contacts  Messages.
  • Name your message and add your content. Use the main toolbar to stylize your text and formatting just as you would in your personal email or a typical document software.
    1. To insert a canned message, click
    2. To add an image, click     →   →  submit.
      1. (optional) Add alternative text for your image for recipients who block images or for the visually impaired. 
  • Click save.

In the Quick Email Editor

In the Ontraport Email Editor

  • Create new email message via the steps above and choose the option to start from scratch.
  • Click add block  Text, and find the text block option that most closely matches the format you want.
    1. They all have additional elements such as headers, images and content text. You can toggle off any unnecessary elements from your text blocks to leave just the text section. 
    2. Note: The margins on the text blocks will be block-specific; they are not all the same. If you would like your margins to be wider or narrower, try using a different text block.

In the Raw HTML Email Editor

Messages created in the Raw HTML Email Editor can display as plain messages that look like they were individually written and sent to each contact. However, this editor does not automatically make your messages mobile responsive — it’s up to the user to custom code these messages. Here’s how to create a “plain email” by adding tables to your message that act as margins.

  • Insert a table into your message by clickingfrom the text formatting toolbar.
  • Set rows and columns to 1.
  • Change border size to 0.
  • Set the width between 400-600px — you can leave the height blank as it will adjust as you add more content.
  • Set cell spacing and padding to 1.



This will act as margins for your email, and text will be contained in the width set on your table.


Mobile Fonts and Backgrounds

To ensure that your emails look exactly the way you want, regardless of what device your contacts are viewing them on, you’ll use mobile font settings. With these settings you can adjust the font style, size, and mobile block spacing for backgrounds for mobile display. All other settings such as font colors, backgrounds, images, text and blocks will remain the same between the mobile and desktop displays.  

While most email clients honor mobile formatting, the following do not:

  1. Yahoo! Mail App on Android
  2. Universal Outlook App on Windows Phone
  3. AOL Alto App on both Android and iOS
  4. Gmail mobile clients such as “Gmail Email by Google on the App Store” for IOS and “Gmail App” for Android on the Play Store.

To edit mobile fonts and backgrounds:

  • Select and click into the OntraMail message that you would like to format for mobile. 
  • Clickto change the view of your message to mobile display. The canvas of your message will shrink to 360px wide (this is the average size of a small mobile device).  
  • Click the Mobile Font Style dropdown, and click the pencil icon next to the font type that you would like to edit (e.g. “Header” or “Body Text”). 
    1. From inside of the font settings you can edit:
      1. Font Family
      2. Font Size
      3. Line Height
      4. Font Weight
  • Click Save.


Unsubscribe Email Footer

All bulk marketing emails automatically have an unsubscribe email footer added to the bottom of the messages to ensure they are CAN-SPAM compliant. Here’s how to customize the wording and design of your unsubscribe footer and update the physical address all from a central location in your account.

  • Go to profile iconadministrationBusiness Info.
  • To update your address, click Business Information and fill in all required fields.
  • To customize your unsubscribe footer, click Unsubscribe Footer and follow the prompts on your screen. The formatting toolbar allows you to adjust font style and background color and add images, merge fields and links.
    1. If you want to use the same business name and address on all of your unsubscribe footers, add the merge fields “Business name” and “Business address.”
    2. If you want to run multiple businesses from one Ontraport account, you can add a different name and address saved in your users’ personal profiles by inserting the merge fields “Contact owner’s business name” and “Contact owner’s address.”
  • Click save.