Although Ontraport Email offers a wide variety of styling options to create your emails quickly and easily, the HTML email editor is available for those who want to use custom code or email templates from external sources. HTML is also a good option for emails that contain long text content with few images.


  • To open the HTML email editor, go to the campaigns tab → Messages → the orange new message button → Raw HTML Editor.
    1. If you have Deals, Companies or custom objects enabled, go to MessagesRaw HTML Email.
    2. You can also get to the HTML email editor through workflow when adding an email action in the Automation Builder.
  • Fill in the fields at the top. See our email settings article for details.
    1. Use the Edit HTML Header (Advanced) dropdown section if you need to add information to the “head” of the email. This is usually only used when you have an external HTML email template.
  • Now you can use the editor buttons presented in three rows above the copy field. Hovering over an editor button will reveal its functions. Most of these are self-explanatory, but the following deserve a special mention:
    1. Source: This button toggles between raw HTML code and the visual representation your contact will see in their inbox. To write or paste HTML source code, click the source button. Once your code is finished, click the source button again to see what the email will look like.
    2. Preview: Use this button to open a new browser window with the email rendered in it. Note that the merge fields will not show any data for the preview.
    3. Remove Format: the remove format button – This button removes selected HTML code from the selected text. For example, it will remove the italics added to header text, but leave the text formatted as header text.
    4. Anchor: the anchor button– This button allows you to use highlighted text as a destination of a link in the email. Highlight the text you want to act as your anchor, then click the anchor button and choose a name. Once your Anchor is made, you can use the name in a hyperlink elsewhere in the email.

Using an HTML Email Template

HTML email templates are usually provided in one file containing the raw HTML code.

  • At the top of the file you may find “header” or <head> information. Copy and paste that information into the Edit HTML Header (Advanced) section.
  • Click the source button in the main editor section and paste the rest of the HTML into the editor window. The HTML email editor will strip out the unnecessary or redundant parts of the code.
  • Finish editing the email in either HTML Source or click the source button again to edit the email in visual mode.

Creating a Plain Text Email Version

Creating a plain text version of your email acts as a backup in case your HTML version can’t be delivered. Some email providers might block your HTML version, but Ontraport will automatically send out the plain text version instead, which is more likely to pass through the filters. When creating a plain text version of your email, be sure to keep the content exactly the same as your HTML version to avoid setting off red flags for spam filters.

  • Create a plain text version of your email by clicking the copy from html button in the lower section titled Plain Text Email.