Fulfillment lists allow you to automatically create lists of your contacts in .csv files that can be sent to you via email at a date and time you choose. These lists are commonly used for contacts who have registered for an event or who need an order fulfilled and do not require a packing slip.


To create, edit and manage fulfillment lists in your account:

  • Go to Contacts button → Settings → Fulfillment manager.
  • You can edit an existing fulfillment list by clicking into its name, or click New Fulfillment List button to start from scratch.
  • Name your fulfillment list.
  • Choose the frequency you would like your lists to be compiled and sent out.
    1. Weekdays
    2. Weekly
    3. Monthly
    4. Daily
  • Select what time of day for the list to be sent — you can pick from 30 minute intervals.
  • Add the notification information for your list which includes:
    1. Email Address that the fulfillment list will be sent to
    2. Subject
    3. Message
  • Choose if you want your list to auto unsubscribe. If this option is checked, each of your fulfillment lists will just have the recently added contacts. If you do not check this option, your fulfillment lists will become cumulative.
  • (Optional) Create a task when the fulfillment list runs. If you choose this option, you will enter the task due date and the owner of the task.
  • Add the fields that you would like to include in your fulfillment list.
  • Click Save button.

To add a fulfillment list to automation:

You can add contacts to fulfillment lists through the Add to Fulfillment List automation element, which means that you can place these elements anywhere in your automation that makes sense for you.

  • Go to Contacts → Automations and either choose an existing or create a new automation map.
  • Inside your automation map, click   Actions → Send to Fulfillment List element.
  • Click your new Send to Fulfillment List element element to open settings on the left side of the screen, then click Select Fulfillment List.
    1. If you haven’t yet created your fulfillment list, click + Create New Fulfillment List and follow the workflow to create one.
    2. If you have already created a fulfillment list, simply select it from the “Send Contact to this Fulfillment List” dropdown.