If you offer a subscription plan with Ontraport, you can make individual updates to customers’ subscription plans through their contact records.

The ability to individually manage subscriptions and payment plans is available to users with Ontraport Plus accounts and above.

Managing open orders for subscription plans

Accessing subscription settings in contact records

  • Click into the contact record you want to update.
  • Click on the Purchases tab.
  • Scroll down to subscriptions and payment plans to view any “open orders” with recurring payments, then click on the order you want to edit.
  • In the Actions dropdown, click Delete to cancel the entire subscription or Edit to open a dialog that allows you to make various changes to the open order:
  1. Product Grid: Change the product details including price, quantity, payment intervals and shippable status.
  2. Next Charge On: Alter the next date the open order will charge.
  3. Credit Card: Edit the credit card used for the future transactions.
  4. Invoice Template: Change the invoice template used for future payments.
  5. Send invoices for every recurring payment: Check to automatically send invoices when each payment is charged.
  6. Gateway: Change the payment gateway for future payments.
  7. Partner: Change the partner (affiliate) associated with future payments. This will only affect the first or last referrer fields for these transactions, not for the contact as a whole.