This article is for those building a membership site using WordPress and PilotPress. If you're using Ontraport Membership Sites, click here. If you're getting started and don't know which to choose, this article will help.

Do you already have a WordPress site that you want to connect to Ontraport to add membership functionality? You simply need to integrate your site with your Ontraport account and install the PilotPress plugin.

Integrate Your Existing WordPress Site

  • Turn on the WordPress integration in Ontraport by clicking profile icon → Administration → Advanced Features → WordPress → toggle on.
  • Click  profile icon → Administration→ Membership →  WordPress Website.
  • Click      →.
  • Name your site.
  • Enter the URL of your website. Do not include a trailing slash after the domain name.
  • Add membership levels by clicking the  (optional). You can return here at any time to add new membership levels.
  • Copy the App ID and API Key values at the bottom into a text file.
  • Click .
  • Install PilotPress on Your WordPress Site