Once you’ve got a membership site, you’ll want to provide your new members with their login credentials and send emails that keep them engaged. With Ontraport, you can automate this process by creating the campaign outlined in this article.
Check out the video about how to create a campaign to learn more.


  • Go to the campaigns tab  > the new campaign tab.
  • The first part of your campaign will be to add contacts to your campaign who sign up for your membership site. Add a trigger for Contact Submits a Form.
    1. Next to Contact Submits, select the form you use for members to sign up for your site. If you don’t have a form yet, you can choose to create one here.
    2. Next to & Order select Is Successful.
    3. Adjust your trigger settings. Click Done.
  • Next you’ll add an element to give your new members access to your membership site. Under your trigger element, add a Give WP Membership Access advanced element.
    1. In the settings panel, select the memberships site and membership level you want to give them access to. Click Done.
  • Now you’ll send an email to your new members with their username and password. Below the Give WP Membership Access element, add a Send an Email action element.
    1. Create the email message. Be sure to insert the merge fields for [username] and [password], and hyperlink the URL where members can log in. Adjust your email settings, then the blue save button the email.
  • Now, if you’d like to send follow-up emails to your new members, you can add the emails here.
    1. Insert a Wait element and set it to the desired interval of time between when your members receive the email with their login credentials and when they will receive your first follow-up email.
    2. Add a Send an Email element after your wait, and create your email.
    3. Repeat the waits and emails for each additional email you’d like to send.
  • When finished, the blue save button and the blue publish button the campaign.

Check out the video about testing your campaign to learn more.