This article is for those building a membership site using Ontraport Membership Sites. If you're using WordPress and PilotPress, click here. If you're getting started and don't know which to choose, this article will help.

Create an Ontraport Membership Site from a Prebuilt autoamtion map

The simplest and most ideal way to build an Ontraport Membership Site is by using one of our prebuilt automation maps. You’ll simply install the map that suits your membership site model, and your site and all the automated functionality for managing it are set up for you. You can then customize it with your branding and content.

Click on the steps below for detailed instructions.

Step 1: Decide what type of membership site you wantkeyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up

You can currently choose from two membership site models based on how you’d like to release your content: drip access and immediate access.

  • Drip Access Membership Site: With this type of site, you can release your content to members relative to when they signed up or on specific dates. This model allows you to deliver your content to your members in smaller pieces and ensure that they have time to consume your content without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Immediate Access Membership Site: This type of site allows you to release all your content to your members as soon as they purchase access to your site. This lets them work through your content on their own schedule and works great as either a subscription or one-time fee product.

Step 2: Install and publish the prebuilt automation mapkeyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up

Once you’ve decided on your site model, click to install the matching automation map in your account: Immediate Access or Drip Access. Follow the in-app notifications, and when your membership automation is installed you’ll see it in your Automations collection or on your screen. Review your map to understand how it functions.

The automation will handle the following membership site functionality:

  1. Release your content based on the membership model of the automation
  2. Give access to new members
  3. Automate your members’ login and registration process
  4. Automate your members’ “forgot password” functionality
  5. Manage failed subscription payments

Installing the automation map will also install templates for a variety of membership site pages, such as:

  1. Login Page
  2. Registration Page
  3. Reset Password Page
  4. Course Overview Page
  5. Lesson Pages (these come with the appropriate protection so that only members can see them)
  6. Sales Page
  7. Order Page
  8. Thank You Page
  9. Contact Us Page

Next, we recommend adding your new membership product before publishing your map.

  • Click to open the “Open order is charged but declined” trigger. To create your new membership product, click + New Product from the empty dropdown, name your product, then click Image showing save & edit button.
    1. Add a price and click .
  • Click to open the “Open order is charged and successful” goal → select your product → click .
  • Now your membership site automation is ready to publish. Click Image showing publish button.Image showing save & publish button.. When you publish the automation map, your site is not yet live.

Step 3: Customize and publish your pageskeyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up

Once your automation map has been downloaded and published, you can focus on your site’s pages.

  • Go to your page collection and select the templates you’d like to customize.
  • Add your own branding and content to the templates.
    1. On your Order Page, add the membership product you created in Step 2 to your order form block. Be sure to set it up as a subscription.
  • Make your pages part of your site by publishing them to your membership site’s domain.
    From your page editor click Image showing publish button..

    1. If your site is hosted on Ontraport’s domain, select “Use our domain” → add your site’s subdomain → select the domain your site is hosted on → click
      Image showing save & publich button..
    2. If your site is hosted on your own domain, select “Use your own domain” → add your site’s domain → click Image showing save & publich button..

Step 4: Set up your site’s branding and structurekeyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up

Once your automation and pages are published, your membership site is almost complete. What’s left is tying up the loose ends, such as adding your brand’s color and logo, and setting up basic login navigation. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Ontraport Membership Sites collection.
  • Click Image showing the new membership site button. and name your site or select an existing site to edit its settings.
  • Choose which domain you’d like to use for your site. All the pages hosted on your domain will be part of your membership site (for example, if you set your domain to be, any page on that domain will automatically be part of that site, including pages like or To learn more about domains and determine what you’d like to use, read here. To set your domain, in the “Domain” dropdown, select a domain you’ve previously published to or click Image showing the create new domain button..
  • Click Image showing the select logo button. and upload your logo, then click Image showing the insert button..
  • In the “Logo link” field, select a link that you’d like to add to your logo. This gives your members a quick and easy way to get back to your site from your system-generated assets, such as your forgot password page or registration email.
  • In the “Brand color” field, select a color from the color picker or add a hex code.
  • In the “Login redirects” section, click Image showing the add button. to choose which page you’ll send your members to when they log in, such as your course overview page.
  • In the “Suspended redirect” dropdown, select where your members with suspended access will be sent when they log in, such as a page where they can update their credit card information (see Step 5, “Create a credit card update page” below for instructions on creating this type of page).
  • Click Image showing the save button..

Your site is now live, and your automation is set up to manage your new members.


Step 5: Add additional, optional functionalitykeyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up

With Ontraport’s all-in-one platform you have access to a variety of additional features so you can do more with your membership site. Here are some ideas and links to directions for accomplishing them.

Upsell members to the next access level

When site visitors try to visit a page they don’t have access to, rather than simply directing them to an error or login page, you can show them a specific page by using your page’s “Redirect users with no access” setting (you’ll find this in your page settings under Display Settings).

That page can serve as your opportunity to suggest that the visitors purchase access to the page they were trying to visit. You can do this on a per-page basis, meaning you can customize the redirect page based on which content the person is trying to access.

Display targeted content to only some members

You can select content on your page’s blocks to show or hide for specific members by editing your block’s display settings.

  • Hover over the block you’d like to protect and click Image showing the settings icon.Image showing the display settings button..
  • In the “Display this block to whom?” dropdown, select “Some logged in members,” click Image showing the add a condition button.Image showing the add condition button. and select “Field is this value.”
    1. Select your membership level field in the first dropdown and set the condition to be “contains,” then select the appropriate membership level. You can also set up custom membership level protection by using other display conditions.

Set up redirects based on membership level

You can set up rules with conditions for sending members to pages based on their membership level or other information stored in contact records. Create a login redirect as described in step 1, then add a condition for your each of your membership levels. Here’s how:

  1. In the “Conditions” section, click Image showing the add condition button. and select “Field is this value.”
  2. Select your membership level field from the “Select field” dropdown, add the condition “Contains,” and choose your membership level value.
  3. In the “Redirect” section, select which page to send your members to.
  4. Click Image showing the save button..

Image showing the conditions and redirect screen.

The conditions run in order from top to bottom. When your members log in, they will be redirected to the page of your choice based on the first condition they meet. For example, if your contact has two membership levels — gold and silver — and your first rule redirects gold members, and your second rule redirects silver members, your subscriber will be sent to your gold page when they log in.

Customize your registration email

Your system-generated emails to manage registration and “forgot password” do not need to be customized to be functional and will automatically include your brand’s logo, color and physical address. You can customize the content of your registration email and the “send from” information of your “forgot password” email. Here’s how:

  • Go to your Ontraport Membership Sites collection and select your membership site.
  • Scroll down to the “Messages” section and hover over the message you’d like to edit and Imaging showing a checkmark icon. the box to its left.
  • Click Imaging showing the edit button.
  • Make your changes and click Imaging showing the save button.

Give members free access to your site

If you’d like to give contacts access for free, such as giving your friends and family access, you can manually add them to your automation. Here’s how:

  • To give free access to your site, go to Image showing the contacts button. and select the contact(s) you’d like to add.
  • Click Image showing the automations button. and select the option to add the contact(s) to your membership site automation.
  • Click Image showing the submit button..

Set up a navigation across all pages

If you’d like to set up your site’s navigation, you can add global block to your pages.

Add and protect new pages to your site

If you’d like to add any new pages to your site, follow the steps below to add and protect them.

To add new pages

  • Go to the Pages section of your membership site’s settings.
  • Click Image showing the new page button. and follow these steps for creating a page — begin on step 2.

To protect pages

By default, all new pages are available to the public. To require a user to log in before viewing them, you have to protect them.

  • From your page, click Images shows the settings button.Image shows the display settings..
  • Select who can access your page:
    1. Set your page to show to “all logged in members” to allow any contact who has an active membership to view the page.
    2. Optionally, you can set the page to show to “some logged in members” and then set conditions to control which logged in members can access it. This is useful for more sophisticated sites that have multiple access levels or which deliver additional access to a user over time. View the list of possible conditions here.
  • Click Image shows the Done button..

Create a credit card update page

To easily manage failed payments in collections, you can create a page where your members can update their own credit card information. Here’s how to set it up.

Add your Ontraport Membership Site to a subdomain of your existing WordPress site

If you already have an existing WordPress membership site hosted to your own domain, and you’d like to keep your old content while creating an Ontraport Membership Site with cohesive branding, create a subdomain through your domain provider. Use your subdomain in Step 1 above.