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Create membership levels
Last updated on: April 11, 2023

This article is for those building a membership site using WordPress and PilotPress. If you're using Ontraport Membership Sites, click here. If you're getting started and don't know which to choose, this article will help.

Creating levels for your membership site allows you to offer varying price points, perks and content to your members. With Ontraport, you can set up membership levels and engagement automation specific to each level, ensure members can see only content their level grants them access to, and much more.

This feature is accessible to Ontraport Plus customers and above.

Add membership levels to WordPress membership sites in Ontraport

  1. Go to AdministrationMembershipWordPress Website.
  2. Under Membership Levels, enter the name of your new membership level, and click Add.
  3. Repeat step 2 for each membership level you wish to create.
  4. Click Save in the upper right corner.

Set membership levels in WordPress

  1. Log in to your integrated WordPress site as administrator.
  2. You will be setting membership levels for each page within your site. Choose to add a new page or edit an existing page.
  3. Set the membership level in the “PilotPress Options”section by checking the box for the level you’d like to have access to your page.
    • You can check multiple levels; your page will be accessible to any selected membership level.
  4. Click Publish to save the settings.

Testing Membership Levels

The “PilotPress Admin View As” buttons allow you to view the page as a member with one membership level. After you have saved the post or page you are editing, the buttons will become active, a new tab will open, and the view will be as someone with that membership level.

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