Once you have your partner program set up and your partners are making sales, you will need to manage your partner commissions and pay your partners.

  • If you’ve already set up your partner program, go to the partners tab Commissions. When a partner refers a product and makes a sale on a commissionable product, that sale appears in the “Pending commissions” section.
  • There are a number of actions you can perform on a pending commission. Select one or all of the pending commissions to apply the following actions:
    the pending commissions action menu

    1. Approve: Approve the commission. Once a commission is approved, the referring partner will be eligible for payment when they reach their pay threshold.
    2. Email: Send an email to the referring partner regarding the sale.
    3. Export: Download a CSV file of all the pending commissions. This is useful for separate review of the commissions.
    4. Cancel Commission: Decline the commission for a particular sale. If this is done in error, you can re-run the commission on the sale inside the contact record to reinstate the commission.
  • Once you’ve approved a commission for a partner, the partner’s sales totals will update in the “Pending payments” section. There are a number of actions you can perform on a pending payment sum to a partner. Select one or more entries to perform these actions:
    the approved commissions actions menu

    1. Pay partner: This is where you can mark the commission “paid” after you’ve completed the payment. This has no action other than marking it paid in Ontraport; you still need to pay the partners using the below options.
    2. Download PayPal CSV: Export a PayPal MassPay CSV that you can upload into PayPal and pay via PayPal.
    3. Export: Export the commissions in a regular CSV file for import into your accounting software.
    4. Email: Send an email to the partner regarding payment.
  • Once you’ve approved a commission and marked it paid in the pending payments area, that data will appear in the “Commission history” section.