Before you begin promoting your partner program, we recommend testing the following:

  • Your partner sign-up process: This will confirm that someone can sign up for your partner program and get added into the appropriate partner program.
  • A referred customer’s opt-in or purchase: This will confirm that a referred customer can sign up (or purchase a product from your business) and that the referral will be tracked and credited to the partner that referred them.


Part 1: Test your partner sign-up process:

  • Navigate to the page that contains your partner sign-up form and fill it out using a test email address. Make sure you use an email address that’s not currently registered in your account.
  • Check the new partner’s contact record (the contact record that was automatically created for the test email address you placed in the form) to ensure it has populated the name of your partner program in the Partner Program field in the Referral Info tab.
  • Check the email inbox for the address you entered for the welcome email you send to those who sign up to be a partner.
    1. If your welcome email includes a promo tool link, click on that unique link to make sure it leads to a page containing your opt-in form or order form so you can test the opt-in next.
  • If you have a partner center, follow these steps:
    1. Check the inbox for the email address you entered for the email containing your username and password for the partner center inside the WordPress site.
    2. Use that information to log in to your partner center.
    3. Go to the promotional tools section and copy one of the tool links. Make sure this promo tool link leads to a page containing your opt-in form or order form so you can test the opt-in next.
    4. If you have an integrated WordPress site, a partner center, and have added a step in your automation map to Give WP Membership Access to Partners, you can also check your WordPress site Memberships tab to see if the new partner was added as a member after that partner has logged in for the first time.

Part 2: Test a referred customer’s opt-in or purchase:

  • Compose an email outside of Ontraport that includes your partner’s unique promo tool link. This could be the link inside the partner’s welcome email in Part 1. Send the email to a different email address that you own, but make sure you use an email address that’s not currently registered in your account.
    1. Send this email just as one of your partners would, from their regular email account – not from within Ontraport.
  • In your default browser, make sure you clear the browser’s cache and clear the browser’s cookies before proceeding.
  • Open the email that you sent and click the promo tool link in the email. It should load the page with the opt-in form you created. Fill out the form with a different email address that you own, and submit it.
  • Go back into Ontraport. Find the new contact record, which was generated when you filled out the opt-in form, and click the name to open it.
  • From within the contact record, click the Referral Info tab to make sure that both the first and last referrer fields have the new partner name and the partner’s email address in them.
  • Still within the contact record, log a purchase of a commissionable product for this contact. Here’s how: 
    1. Click on  the log transaction button at the top of the contact record.
    2. Select a commissionable product that is part of the partner program from the drop down under Item.
    3. In the Payment Info section, select Log a Transaction (don’t charge card) from the drop down next to “I would like to…”
    4. Click the blue submit button to add the purchase to the contact record.
  • Go to Partners tabCommissionsPending Commissions. You should see the pending commission for the transaction you just logged. If you do, you have successfully tested your partner program!