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Earn More Qualified Leads and Customers with These Strategies for Collecting Meaningful Customer Data

Getting your target market to pay attention to your brand is becoming increasingly difficult. With the combination of competing products and services available at the click of a button and shortened consumer attention spans, marketers and salespeople must get creative to capture their distracted audiences’ attention. The strategy that’s working? Collecting and segmenting customer data so that you can give each contact a personalized experience with your brand.  The Guide to Gathering Customer Data, you’ll find out the importance of customer data, what information to collect, how to collect it with a CRM platform, and best practices for creating forms that capture customer information.

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Best practices for collecting customer data so that you get the most valuable information out of your web forms

Which types of forms to use at each phase of the customer lifecycle to increase your chances of conversion

Examples of different sources you can gather data from so you can maximize your collection reach

How to store your customer data so that it’s all accessible in one place

Strategies for automating your customer data collection so that leads and customers have a consistent and positive experience

Tips for setting up forms that align with your business goals so responses move your business forward

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Collecting customer data helps you know each customer more individually and treat them that way, and the info you glean from them can empower you to craft offers that increase purchase rates at higher margins while also delivering better value to the customers because they’re getting things they want.

Jeff Tanner - Professor of Marketing, Baylor University