Generate Passive Income With A Membership Site

Create a recurring revenue stream by guarding your content inside a members-only site, so you can stop trading hours for dollars.

Create a recurring revenue stream by guarding your content inside a members-only site, so you can stop trading hours for dollars.
What is a Membership Site?
 A membership site is a gated website where members pay for access to your high-value content or networking opportunities with like-minded members. Members each get a unique login to your password-protected site, while their subscription fees earn you a steady stream of recurring revenue.

Membership sites can be crafted to showcase any type of content behind the initial paywall:  instructional videos, evergreen tutorials, live webinar series, VIP treatment, insider information, niche-specific networking and more. With the right in-demand offer, each of these types of membership access can offer tremendous value to target audiences thereby making them well worth the cost of signing up and paying.

Why Launch a Membership Site?
As an expert or coach in your particular field, membership sites provide a platform to share your knowledge with others for their betterment. Running a membership site allows you to stop trading hours for dollars and start earning a (relatively) passive, recurring cash flow. They’re a scalable alternative to single-purchase digital products or physical products.  
Deliver a Remarkable Customer Experience Every Time

Assuming you continually update your membership site with fresh content, products and services, users get a ton of value delivered the way they want it, when they want it. Because your product is automated and delivered digitally, the customer experience is both personalized and uniform.
Earn Recurring Revenue on a Scalable Product

A membership product is one-to-many and typically doesn’t require a big team to maintain. This allows you to quickly and easily publish your materials — written content, audio, video and file downloads — in a single, convenient place. Members of your site have the ability to log in and consume your content at will.
How to Create a Membership Site Using ONTRAPORT?
A membership product is virtually impossible to create and manage without a robust backend platform to handle logins, new content, payments, membership levels, tiered access and everything else that comes with it.  ONTRAPORT’s all in one platform lets you launch a brand new membership site using its WordPress integration and PilotPress membership plugin — both of which pair well with most downloadable WordPress website themes. Together, these tools help you manage a variety of tasks, including: selling and delivering access, publishing new content over time, removing access for non-payment, giving customer payment options, and much more — most of it automatically. Simply create your content, publish it, and ONTRAPORT does the rest.
The best part of ONTRAPORT for membership sites is its incredible flexibility. You can arrange what is displayed to people at different levels, and you can be super creative with it. It's also native, and the WordPress plugin works beautifully and integrates smoothly with ONTRAPORT.

- Em Boden, ONTRAPORT user

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Do more with fewer tools. Establish your business as an industry thought leader and earn passive, recurring income with a membership site.


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What are some examples of membership sites?
Some easily recognizable membership site names include Amazon Prime, Netflix, Facebook, and LinkedIn Learning. A membership site is a website containing premium content to which customers subscribe. If a website has a login and password, you can pretty safely assume it’s a membership site. Membership site content often comes in the form of training or educational courses, resources on a specific topic, community forums where like-minded individuals connect, or specific discounts and perks.

How do membership websites earn passive income or recurring revenue?
Here are some great examples of successful, profitable membership sites. Running a membership site allows you to stop trading hours for dollars and start earning a (relatively) passive, recurring income. They’re a scalable alternative to single-purchase digital or physical products.

What are the best membership site ideas?
If you’re passionate about a topic, there’s a good chance other people around the world are too. Depending on what you’re an expert in and if there’s an audience for what you’re offering, you can create the best membership site in your niche. Some ideas include: support groups, online music classes, cooking classes, insider financial trading tips, business-building strategies, video streaming, and digital personal training. Still not sure how to piece it all together and present your membership site content? Use this to develop your ideas into fruition.

What are some membership site platforms?
When you’re selecting your membership site software, there are two main categories to consider: sites built with WordPress and plugins and sites built on a standalone membership platform. Learn more here.