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Set up tracked links
Last updated on: June 30, 2023

Tracked links are a powerful automation tool that you can use nearly anywhere online to trigger actions based on links your cookied contacts click. They’re a simple way to record specific link clicks in contacts’ records so that you can set up automation.

Create tracked links

  1. Navigate to AdministrationDataTracked Links.
  2. Click New Tracked Link and name your link.
  3. Enter the link you want to track in the Destination URL field and click Save.
To add tracked links to non-Ontraport assets
  1. From your tracked links collection, click the icon to add a Tracking URL Code column then click Save.
  2. Copy the tracking URL code and paste it where you would like the link to appear. Because it’s a standard HTML link code, it can be used on virtually any web page.

Create and add tracked links in any Ontraport editor

(Pages, mail and forms)

  1. Highlight the text you want to hyperlink and click the hyperlink icon.
  2. Select Tracked Link from the Create a Link dialog box.
  3. Select an existing tracked link or create your own by clicking + New Tracked Link.
  4. Click Insert Link.
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 Pro tips
Tip #1: Practice using consistent, easy-to-follow naming conventions for your tracked links so that you can quickly find them later on.
Tip #2: You can include the same tracked link in multiple emails, landing pages and other online locations and only use one trigger or goal for all link locations.
Tip #3: You can change the destination URL of your tracked links at any time, and every instance of your link will be automatically updated to the new web address.
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