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Grandfathered accounts pricing reference
Last updated on: June 22, 2023

This article is a supplemental pricing resource where you can learn more about grandfathered account add-ons and services. For a complete breakdown of Ontraport’s subscription package pricing, see this page.

Important: Before you read further, please know that the information in this article only applies to grandfathered Ontraport accounts. For information about the pricing for add-ons and services for new accounts, click here.

Table of contents

What is a grandfathered account?
How can I tell if I have a grandfathered account?
Grandfathered account pricing
Grandfathered subscription package information
Grandfathered account features
Dynamic CMS for grandfathered accounts
Account add-ons and services
Additional users
Additional contact packages
Additional email for enterprise accounts
Bulk email packages for enterprise accounts
Account rollbacks
Restoring custom object data
Restore a canceled account

What is a grandfathered account?

Ontraport allows existing clients to retain their old pricing, while new accounts are charged based on Ontraport’s current pricing model. If you keep your current plan, you’ll also keep your old pricing. Clients who do that have what we call “grandfathered pricing.” Ontraport has only changed pricing for existing clients once since 2008. That increase occurred in June 2023.

Ontraport accounts that were created before June 30, 2022 are considered grandfathered accounts. If your account is grandfathered, you can upgrade or downgrade your account level between grandfathered plans. However, you cannot switch your grandfathered account to one of Ontraport’s current plans. 

If you would rather have one of Ontraport’s current plans, you need to open a new account and migrate all your contacts and assets. However, you will not be able to migrate historical data, such as sales reports and contact automation logs, to your new account. 

If you would like to migrate to a new Ontraport account, reach out to our team to discuss this process. Please note it is not possible to return to your grandfathered subscription plan from a new account plan.

How can I tell if I have a grandfathered account?

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If you signed up for your account after June 30, 2022, you do not have a grandfathered account.

However, not all accounts created before that date are grandfathered. Some older accounts have been upgraded and are no longer on a grandfathered subscription package. If you are unsure if your account is grandfathered, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Ontraport account as the account admin.
  2. Go to Your accountAccountChange Subscription.
  3. You’ll see your current subscription selected. If your account is grandfathered (or great-grandfathered), you’ll see a tooltip labeled “grandfathered” at the bottom of the pricing screen. Note, it will be labeled “grandfathered” for both grandfathered and great-grandfathered plans.

Grandfathered account pricing

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Grandfathered subscription package information

Use this chart to view information about your grandfathered subscription package. Prices below are effective June 15, 2023.

Contacts1,0002,50010,00020,000Up to 5 millionCollect and store a complete record of every interaction and all the data you have on every client and prospect in one customizable database.
Emails IncludedUnlimited200,000CustomCreate and send emails to segmented groups on an automated schedule with a few clicks.
Users1 max235CustomGive your team members the ability to manage their leads, build automation maps, and help your business grow.
Additional ContactsNot included$99/mo per 100kEasily add contacts to your database as your business scales.
Additional EmailsNot included$99/mo per 100kSend more emails to your growing list.
Additional UsersNot included$47/mo per userAdd more users to your account.
2 Hours Free Set-up ServicesIncludedGet your account and your automation maps up and running fast with two, one-on-one system setup sessions with one of our client success experts.
Free Postmaster ConsultationUpon RequestNot includedEnsure your email delivery rates stay sky high with personalized recommendations from our experts.
Free Seedlist TestingNot includedNot includedSeedlist testing helps you test how well your emails are getting delivered.
VIP Support + Account ManagementNot includedIncludedGet specialized support for your product launch, high-volume email lists, and your automation strategies.
Number of PagesUnlimited

Create and launch beautiful, high-converting lead capture and order pages in minutes with the easiest, most flexible page builder on the market.

Number of FormsUnlimitedCollect lead and client information with fully customizable forms and light boxes that you can put on your Ontraport pages or any other website you own.

Grandfathered account features

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Use this chart to view the features that are included in your grandfathered subscription package. Prices below are effective June 15, 2023.

Automation Builder 

Use an intuitive, visual automation builder to run and manage your marketing campaigns.

2-way SMS Automation 

Automated two-way, personalized text messaging lets you communicate instantly with customers and prospects.

If/Then Rule-Based Automation



Create super-targeted marketing and client interactions by automating “what happens next” to each contact using if/then logic.


Increase response rates by adding each contact’s name right in the URL of your pages, then personalize the page with their contact information automatically. (Example:

Split Testing 

Experiment with different versions of your emails, pages and follow-up automations to learn what resonates with your market so you can focus on what works.

Custom Domain for All Tracking Links 

Use your own domain name in tracked email links so you can offer a fully branded experience and track user activity.

Setup Wizards 

Get up and running in Ontraport quickly with Setup Wizards that walk you through simple steps to customize and launch your automation in minutes.


Create a customized display of all your vital business stats on one easy-to-view page and view them in real time.

Automated Task Management 

Never worry about dropping the ball on leads or internal to-do lists. Easily set and send notification reminders with detailed instructions to your team members, a third party, or even yourself to complete tasks.

API Access



Our contacts API allows you to securely access, add, delete or edit account information automatically, making it possible to integrate almost any other software tool you use in your business with your Ontraport account. With our payments API, you can even run charges from your custom forms.

Protected WordPress Membership Sites  

Launch a customizable members-only website or customer center.

Accept Online Payments

Create secure order forms. Accept credit card payments using Stripe, your own merchant account or Paypal.

Affiliate/Partner Management

Generate more referrals by creating a referral program while giving your referrers the tools, tracking, rewards, and reports they need to succeed.

Custom Objects

Available only with a Dynamic Content Management System (CMS) package

Create and link custom records for companies, opportunities, bids or quotes, customer installs, courses and students, trips, pets or any other data you’d like to store.

Note: Pro and Enterprise accounts can create an unlimited number of custom objects. If these accounts are using Dynamic CMS, there are limits on how many of those objects can be connected to Dynamic CMS features. See the section below for more details.

Lead Scoring + Routing 

Define what makes a qualified lead and what actions indicate interest based on your criteria (such as page views, email clicks, or contact data) then automatically route those leads to your salespeople or to unique follow-up automation.

Email Sync  

Integrate your personal emails and automatically sync with your Ontraport contacts so you have a complete history of all communication between you and your contacts, no matter where it happens.

Marketing ROI Tracker 

View funnel conversion rates based on the lead source that the contact first or last interacted with.

Fulfillment Lists 

Use fulfillment lists to automate the completion of offline communication, product delivery and more.

File Hosting 

Upload your digital files (ebooks, mp3s, docs, etc.) and host them for free.

Facebook Lead Capture

Let prospects join your database via Facebook with a single click to capture their best email address and name.

Users and Permissions  

Granular permission settings allow you to give individual users and roles customized access to any part of the system and contact data.

Video Hosting 

Upload your videos and host them for free.

Remove Ontraport Branding 

You can remove the Ontraport branded banner on your pages or messages.

Ontrapages Plugin for WordPress 

We support integration of your existing or new WordPress site to create a robust subscription site.

Form Connector 

Create responsive and on-brand forms and use them with other programs.

Facebook Custom Audiences 

Automatically add your contacts to a Facebook Custom Audience so that you can target them with Facebook advertising.

One-click Upsells  

Maximize your sales by offering additional products to existing customers without requiring them to re-enter their credit card information.

Tracked Links 

Consolidate statistics from all sources, including emails, pages, display ads and other media.

Dynamic Content Management System (CMS) for grandfathered accounts and great-grandfathered accounts

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Use this chart to reference which features are included in each Dynamic CMS package. Please note that Dynamic CMS is a subscription separate from/in addition to your main Ontraport account subscription package. To learn more about what’s possible using Dynamic CMS, please see our lessons in Ontraport University.

** Contact us for custom pricing up to 5 million records and unlimited views.


Custom objects connected to ODC258Unlimited
Additional objects$20/mo$20/mo$20/mo**
Records stored per custom object2k10k25k**
Unique dynamic records displayed per mo5005k20k**
Total dynamic records displayed per mo10k50k200k**
App templates for blogs, forums, courses and moreIncluded
Database driven page templatesIncluded
Dynamic page hosting 
Dynamic blocks 

Please note, grandfathered Pro or Enterprise levels have unlimited custom objects. However, there is a limit to the number of custom objects that you can connect to Ontraport’s Dynamic CMS. Use the chart above to see how many connected custom objects each package allows.

Here’s how to add or upgrade your Dynamic CMS package to your account:

  1. Log in to your account as the owner.
  2. Go to Your accountAccount.
  3. Click Add Plan next to the “Add Dynamic CMS to your account” option.

  1. Click Add on the plan you want.
  2. (Optional) Click Add next to “Billed yearly” to switch to annual billing and get two months free.

  1. Click Add plan.

Account add-ons and services

The information in this section applies to established accounts on older pricing structures.

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Additional users

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Users are the people who sign in to your account. Individual users have their own username and password combination.

Not included

$47/month per additional user seat

Additional contact packages

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Each grandfathered subscription package includes a specific contact limit. Check out the “Grandfathered subscription package information” chart to view your account’s contact limit.

If your account is an Enterprise level or above, and you exceed the 20,000 contact limit (this includes custom object records with an email field), we will automatically add an additional contact package to your account.

• This pay-and-go option allows you to keep collecting and storing your additional contact information and keeps your automation running.

If you have a lower account level and exceed your contact limit, your account will be automatically upgraded to the next account level.

• You will receive a notification email when you are approaching your contact limit. If you remove the extra contacts, you can downgrade your account before the next billing cycle.

Please note that custom objects that contain an email field count as contacts in your account.

If your account exceeds its contact limit, then…

The account is automatically upgraded to Plus.The account is automatically upgraded to Pro.The account is automatically upgraded to Enterprise.The account automatically purchases an additional contact package — $99/monthper additional 100k contacts.

Additional email for enterprise accounts

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Each grandfathered subscription package includes a specific number of emails in each billing period. Check out the “Grandfathered subscription package information” chart to view your account’s email package.

If your account exceeds your allocation for email sends, we will automatically increase your email allotment to keep your automation running.

• This pay-and-go option is ideal if you do not consistently require extra emails each month.

If your account exceeds its email allocation, then…


Not applicable — These account levels includes unlimited emails

Automatic purchase of $99 for 100k additional email sends for the billing period. 

Bulk email packages for enterprise accounts

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Enterprise level accounts and above can add additional email packages to their account. This subscription will recur every month and is best if you routinely need extra emails.

  • 500k email sends for $399/month

To add a bulk email package to your account, email

Account rollbacks

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If you mistakenly delete data or assets from your account, you can request account rollbacks to recover that information. Ontraport saves deleted data for 90 days. If the data you’ve deleted is outside that 90 day window, we can attempt to recover your data; however, we cannot guarantee 100% data integrity.

  • To request a rollback for your account, email with the subject line “Grandfathered account rollback.” 
    • A member of our Concierge team will reach out and gather more information about your request.
    • Once your details are confirmed, rollbacks generally take between 5-7 business days.

Restoring custom object data

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Restoring data from your custom objects requires a full restoration of your account. Your account’s info is “rolled back” to the most recent backup, essentially sending your account back in time. That means any new information you’ve added since that backup date will be lost, and your automations may re-fire.

Restore a canceled account

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The cost for each account rollback is $50. If your account was previously closed for non-payment, you must pay your outstanding charges within 30 days of the restoration.

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