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Last updated on: April 14, 2023

Easily look up the definition of any unfamiliar marketing or Ontraport term to ensure that you get the most out of our content. Learn more about any Ontraport-specific term by clicking on its name.

Table of contents

Ontraport-specific terms
Strategy topic definitions

Ontraport-specific terms



Account subdomain

You can use your own subdomain name in tracked email links so you can offer a fully branded experience and track user activity. You can update your account’s subdomain from your “Account Details” page.


Action elements on your automation maps perform actions on your contacts such as send an email, update a contact record, send to fulfillment, and more.

Add Ontraport media

The PilotPress plugin lets you add Ontraport-hosted videos, order forms and more to your WordPress pages.


Assets are the marketing materials you create with your Ontraport account, such as emails, pages, forms and dynamic content.

Automatic email tracking

Your emails will automatically track the open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, and more for every message sent.

Automatic link tracking

By selecting “Add tracking to the links in this email” in the settings of OntraMail emails, UTM parameters will be automatically added to all links in your message.

Automatic Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Ontraport automatically redirects visits to non-secure URLs to the secure version of your pages.

Automation checklist

Use the built-in checklist to help you keep track of the tasks you need to complete before publishing a page.

Automation forks

This automation element sends contacts down two simultaneous automation paths on your map.

Automation lifetime value report

This automation report answers the question, “How much do my contacts spend as they move through my map?” Each element shows you the total and the average amount spent.

Automation log

The automation log actively records and stores any manual or automated actions performed on your contacts.

Automation maps

Automation maps consolidate all of your marketing automation and business processes in an easy-to-use graphical format.

Automation performance projection

Projection mode uses your automation map’s current stats to predict how any changes you make will affect your overall automation.

Automation reporting

Get data information about an automation map while it is being run and after it is completed, including its customer data, success rates, etc.


This feature automatically saves your edits on pages and automation maps every minute, gives you access to prior versions, and warns you when other team members are editing the same project.


A broadcast is when you manually send an email to two or more contacts. By selecting contacts and clicking the email action button, you can manually send targeted and effective email messages to segments of your list.

Bulk Email Status (BES)

Bulk Email Status (BES) specifies whether or not you have permission to send marketing or transactional emails. When your contacts have a bulk email status that is opted in, it means that you do have permission to email them marketing messages. If they have opted out, you can only send them transactional messages.

Canned messages

These are saved text snippets that you can drop into your Quick Email and Simple Email messages.

Card View

You can easily see and manage your contacts across the various stages of your marketing funnels, sales pipelines, customer lifecycle and business processes. This view gives you another way to see and interact with the data stored in your contact collection.


A collection refers to a page where your Ontraport assets are stored. For example, your contacts can be found in the Contacts collection, and messages are found in the Messages collection.


This prebuilt object stores information about businesses you interact with and that your contacts belong to.

Condition elements

Condition elements send your contacts down a “yes” or “no” path based on criteria you set. For example, “Does the contact have the tag ‘interested in cardio.'”

Conditional blocks

Further customize your web page experience with content blocks that appear only when your visitors meet the criteria that you set.


A contact is a person that has opted in to receive communications from your Ontraport account. Every contact has its own contact record that contains data about your lead or customer.

Contact flow reports

This automation report lets you see exactly how contacts have moved through your maps and where they are located now.

Contact log

This is a record of every interaction with contacts, including visits to pages or tracked web pages on your website, forms they’ve filled out, postcards and emails you sent to them. It also shows emails you’ve received from them. You can click the individual logged items to see more details on each one, including the number of times and when a given email was opened.

Contact record

Contact records are the default record type in your Ontraport account. They store information about your leads and customers.

Custom date range reporting filters

In your automation’s performance mode, you can filter your automation data using pre-set time frames or any date range you specify.

Custom fields

Custom fields let you store your contact data in organized fields, and create new, custom fields for information unique to your business.

Custom HTML elements

HTML, or hypertext markup language, is standard code that you can use to achieve color, font, graphic, and hyperlink elements on pages. HTML elements allow you to add custom code anywhere on your pages.

Custom invoices

You can create custom, on-brand and personalized invoices for your customers.

Custom objects

You can create and link custom records for companies, opportunities, deals, bids or quotes, customer installs, courses and students, trips, pets or any other data you’d like to store.

Customer center

Through this automatically generated WordPress page, you can create a customer center where your contacts can log in to view invoices, update credit card details, and change login information.

Customer value sales report

This sales report shows your all time sales by contact. It also included voids and open orders.

Customer lifetime value reports

This report shows you the total and average amount of money your customers have spent with you on individual automation maps.


The Deals prebuilt object automatically tracks your qualified prospects with pre-set fields, groups and automation.

Detail View

Detail View is one of two ways to view your records. This view shows you all of the fields, sections, subcollections and tabs in any record.

Device display setting

The device display block setting allows you to choose if your block should be visible to all devices, desktop only or only mobile devices.

Dynamic blocks

Dynamic blocks are a Dynamic Content Management System (DCMS) feature. They allow you to list data from several records on one page.

Dynamic Content Management System (DCMS)

Ontraport’s DCMS allows you to create your own no-code web apps. The primary features are dynamic templates, dynamic blocks and page types.

Dynamic pages

Dynamic pages are assets created with Ontraport’s Dynamic Content Management System (DCMS). Dynamic pages are pages that are automatically created based on your saved records using dynamic templates.

Dynamic templates

Dynamic templates are a Dynamic Content Management System (DCMS) feature. They create a page layout and design that you can use to publish data saved in your records.


Editors allow you to edit the content, style and settings of assets. They are used for building messages, forms, or pages in your Ontraport account.

Email Sync

Integrate your personal emails and automatically sync with your Ontraport contacts so you have a complete history of all communication between you and your contacts, no matter where it happens.

Facebook comment element

Select this page element to drop your customers positive facebook comments right onto your pages.

Facebook connect button

This lets prospects join your database via Facebook with a single click to capture their best email address and name.

Facebook custom audience integration

This integration easily adds contacts on any of your automation maps to a custom audience in Facebook.

First and last click attribution tracking

Track both the first and last click attribution so you know exactly what marketing materials to credit for your sales and conversions. Ontraport automatically tracks and stores the first and last variables your contacts and other records interact with.

Form templates

Use the Ontraport marketplace to find free, professionally-designed web form templates and share your own creations.

Fulfillment lists

Use fulfillment lists to automate the completion of offline communication, product delivery, and more.

Funnel conversation report

This automation report shows you the conversion rate between two of your automation goals, such as “opened email” and “purchased product.”

Global blocks

Create a page block that you can update in one place and have it change automatically wherever the global block is displayed. This is ideal for creating multi-page websites using global blocks as headers and footers.

Go to steps

Automatically route contacts to any element on your automation map.

Goal conversion point report

This automation report answers the question, “Which elements on my map are driving the most goal conversion?” by showing you where your contacts were on the map when they achieved the selected goal.

Goal conversion rate report

This automation report answers the question, “What’s the likelihood of a contact achieving the selected goal?” by showing you the odds on your automation elements. You can also see which elements on your map are the most effective in boosting your odds.

Goal conversion time report

This automation report answers the question, “How long does it take for contacts to achieve the selected goal?” by showing the average time between a contact hitting an element and when they achieved the select goal.

Goal-based automation

Automatically route leads through your marketing and sales funnels based on your goals and their behavior or preferences.

Group coupons

Group coupons are codes that groups of people can use, such as “BF2022” for a Black Friday discount. These are fantastic for targeting a specific market or channel, such as adding your coupon code to a Facebook ad.


Groups are saved searches you can use to quickly segment your list to create targeted and dynamic groups based on interests, behaviors or demographics.

If/then rule-based automation

Create personalized and targeted marketing and client interactions by automating “what happens next” to each contact using if/then logic.

Lightbox (OntraForm)

OntraForms allow you to make static, pop-up or embedded optin forms (lightboxes) that perfectly fit your web page design.

Metrics Dashboard

The Metrics Dashboard gives you a customizable display of all the measurable statistics in your Ontraport account so you can see what’s happening live in your business.


Every record in your Ontraport account has a “Notes” subcollection. Create notes to store useful information about your contacts and other records. You can see who wrote your note and when.


Objects are databases to hold records. The objects in accounts include contacts, companies, deals, and custom objects.

OntraForms (web forms)

OntraForms are the stand alone forms you can create in Ontraport. Create and publish responsive opt-in and order forms that you can add as pop-ups on Ontraport Pages and add to third-party sites.

OntraMail templates

The OntraMail editor gives you access to an impressive library of professionally designed templates for your emails.

Ontraport Pages

Create and launch beautiful, high-converting lead capture and order pages in minutes with the easiest, most flexible page builder on the market.

Open order

Open orders are standing orders. They keep track of transactions that will be run in the future, like subscriptions or payment plans. Open orders describe what’s going to be purchased and when. Every time an open order runs, a new transaction gets created and, if the transaction is successful, the purchase will be recorded in purchases too.

Open orders sales report

This sales report shows you all of the upcoming scheduled transactions by product.

Order bumps

Order bump elements are a simple way to sell an add-on product during checkout. On the sales page, customers can click a checkbox to activate the extra item on the order.

Page display conditions

Ontraport Pages display conditions allow you to choose who should be able to view your page. A common way to use this setting is to protect your content based on membership access so your content is only accessible to site members. You can also show your page to only anonymous visitors, specific members and much more.

Page templates

Page templates are the predesigned pages you can choose from when you create a new Ontraport Page. Choose from our library of free, professionally-designed page templates and add them to your account with one click.

Page tracking

Every Ontraport Page has a “Stats” tab where you can view information about visitors to your page. Our built-in web page analytics allow you to track page performance metrics and see exactly which of your web pages your contacts have visited.

Page types

Pages types are a Dynamic Content Management System (DCMS) feature. They let you customize the web addresses of your dynamic pages. Every new page type also appears as a new section in your record’s “Pages” tab.

Pagination block

Pagination blocks are a Dynamic Content Management System (DCMS) feature and are available on dynamic blocks. Pagination blocks are the “Next” and “Previous” buttons connected to dynamic blocks that allow you to see more records.

Partner center

The partner center is an automatically generated WordPress page where your affiliates/partners can log in and view their commissions, update payment and login information, and access promotional tools.

Partner tracking

Easily keep track of the new contacts, leads and sales that your partners are generating for you.

Partner tracking pixel

Track the visitors on your non-Ontraport web pages by adding this code to your page.

Payment gateway integration

Ontraport supports the integration of 16 payment gateways including, Stripe, PayPal and WorldPay.

Payment plans

Offer payment plans with customizable frequency to cater to your buyers needs.

Performance mode tracking filters

View funnel conversion rates based on the lead source that the contact first or last interacted with.


Permissions control what areas of your account each role is allowed to view, edit and delete.

Personal coupons

Personal coupons are meant for only one person, and they can be used only once. They are unique codes that Ontraport generates for your contacts, such as “F07DL.” These codes are ideal for people who visit your sales page but don’t buy or for offering customers a discount on an item similar to one they purchased.

Personalized URLs (PURLs)

Increase response rates by adding each contact’s name into the URL of your pages, then automatically personalize the page with their contact information.

PilotPress plugin

The PilotPress plugin allows you to use Ontraport to manage a membership site on WordPress.

Prebuilt automation marketplace

Access prebuilt and ready-to-use marketing, sales and business process automation maps.

Private IP (Internet Protocol address)

This account add-on allows you to send email from an IP address that is used solely by your account. This ensures the only sender reputation affecting your email delivery rates is your own.

Product sales logs report

This sales report shows you transactions by product.

Promo tools

Host partner promotional tools with individual tracking information – all in one place – to make it easy for partners to use.

Quick email

An email editor that lets you create and send an email that will only be saved to the contact log. This is best for one-off or individual messages that you don’t need open, click or conversion rate tracking for.

Quick SMS

Send one-off SMS messages to your contacts that will not be saved in your message collection.

Quick tasks

Create a one-off task that will not be saved in your message collection.

Recharge settings

Recharge settings allow you to automatically respond when a customer’s card is declined on a recurring order, such as a subscription or payment plan.

Rules (legacy feature)

Rules are used to automate the management of contacts. You set them up so that if a contact does or does not perform an action, something is done based on the condition you set.

Sales report

This report shows you all times sales by product.


Sections contain groups of related fields in your records. Each section has its own name to describe the type of fields it holds, such as “Contact Information.”

Sequences (legacy feature)

This is a series of steps or actions through which a contact is taken on a time-released schedule of your own design.

Shipping collected sales report

This sales report shows you shipping charges by contact name and shipping type.

Shipping/packing slip

Packing slips are unique PDF files that list each item in each order. Ontraport will generate one for orders that include a product that was added to shipping/packing slip in the order form’s settings.

Shopping cart integration

A shopping cart integration allows you to connect your Ontraport account to your shopping cart software so that both services share information, such as your shopping cart sending information about a recent purchase to Ontraport to be stored in a contact’s record.

SPAM scoring

Use our spam-scoring tool to scan your marketing emails before you send to identify potentially spammy content.

Split testing element

Split test individual elements on your automation maps, web pages and messages to gain valuable insight about what copy, design and strategies your audience best responds to.

Sticky blocks

Sticky blocks are blocks of content that stay in place as your visitors scroll down the page.


Subcollections are mini collections inside of your records. Some subcollections are default in records, such as the “Transactions” subcollection in Contact records. Setting up one-to-many and many-to-many relationships between objects also creates subcollections in records.

Subscription sales report

This sales report shows you the total sales from your subscription products including cancels and open orders.


Subscriptions are recurring payments. Ontraport will create an open order when your customer purchases a subscription product.

Table View

Table View is a collection view that displays your data in columns and rows.


Tabs are the navigation items on the left side of your records in Detail View. Every tab contains sections and subcollections.let you organize your contact information into sections for every aspect of your business.


Use identifying tags to create and label groups of contacts in your database, then perform group actions such as sending messages or adding groups to automations.

Task outcomes

After a task is completed, mark its result or manage what happens next with task outcomes.


Send automated reminders to people on your team, yourself or third parties to complete tasks such as phone calls, meetings, video calls and more.

Taxes collected sales report

This sales report shows you taxes charged by contact name and shipping type.

Timed display blocks

Provide an individualized user experience by adding time-sensitive blocks that show up only after a visitor is on your page for a certain amount of time.

Tracked links

Tracked links are a powerful automation tool that you can use nearly anywhere online to trigger actions based on links your cookied contacts click.

Transactional email

Transactional emails allow you to send products that your contacts have purchased, even if they opted to withdraw their permission for you to send marketing emails — their bulk email status is “Transactional Only.”

Transaction logs report

This sales report shows you transactions by contact.

Trends charts

The Trends Dashboard shows your data visually through charts so you can easily and quickly understand it. It also shows data over time, while the Metrics Dashboard shows data in real time as a snapshot.

Trial period

Trail periods allow you to charge one price for a set period of time before charging the normal price of your product.


Use triggers to add your contacts to automation maps when specific events occur or when your contacts perform certain behaviors.

Upsell elements

This page element allows you to create an upsell form on Ontraport Pages. Upsells are a great way to increase your total revenue from a single purchase experience. They allow you to offer your customers another related product immediately following the original purchase.

Upsell forms

Upsell forms allow you to promote an add-on or related item during the checkout process. You can create stand alone OntraForms, or use the upsell element to create a form on an Ontraport Page.


Users are the people who sign in to your account. Individual users have their own username and password combination.

UTM link generator

Use Ontraport’s built-in tracking URL builder to create UTM-ready links.

Version history

Ontraport Pages and automation maps have their own version history. This is a complete revision history, showing all prior saved renditions of the automation map or page. And Ontraport Pages allow you to revert back to a previous published version.

Video manager

Upload your videos and store them in Ontraport using your account’s video manager.

Visual performance reporting

Performance mode shows you real-time statistics on how your automation is performing at that exact moment. You can choose from six automation reports.

Wait steps

Wait automation elements allow you to define exactly when you want the next step on your automation map to take place with customizable wait elements.

Webhook elements

Webhook elements allow you to send webhooks from your automation maps. Adding webhook elements to the automation map is useful because you are able to see how many contacts on a map have had a webhook send their data to your integrated platform.

WordPress hosting

Ontraport provides free WordPress hosting under our domain or one you configure exclusively for your membership site.

Strategy Topic Definitions



A record (Address record)

This Domain Name System (DNS) record is a link between the name of your website and the IP address of the servers where your files are stored.


This is the top portion of a webpage that is visible without scrolling.

Affiliate marketing

This is earning a commission by promoting other people’s or company’s products.

API (Application Program Interface)

Our API allows you to manage contacts, process transactions, add contacts to automation maps, add and remove tags, and much more. It makes it possible to integrate almost any other software tool you use in your business with your Ontraport account.

Automated follow-up

This automation lets you easily follow up with contacts with the right messaging — delivered automatically on the schedule you set — to personalize their experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

Automated re-engagement

A re-engagement automation map identifies your cold leads and gradually re-engages them through a series of personalized, nurturing emails.

API (Application Program Interface)

An API is a set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating application software.

B2B (Business to business)

These are businesses that sell to other businesses (e.g., Google).

B2C (Business to consumer)

These are businesses that sell directly to consumers (e.g., Nike).

Bounce rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

Business process automation

This is the result of taking regular internal business processes, fine-tuning them to be predictable and repeatable, and mechanizing them so they run on their own with minimal human intervention.

Call to action

This is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb (e.g., “Call now,” “Find out more,” “Visit a store today”).

Cart abandonment automation

You can recapture lost sales with automated shopping cart reminders. Learn more about our Abandoned Cart Recapture setup wizard.

Click-through rate

This indicates the percentage of recipients who clicked on an ad or link to a webpage being advertised.

Contact management

Contact management is the process of tracking, storing and organizing data about your leads and customers.

Content marketing

Use a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.


This is the point at which a recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action and/or responds to your call to action.


This is writing content conveyed through online media and print materials, often used to persuade a person or group as well as to raise brand awareness.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

In this online advertising pricing model, this is the amount an advertiser pays to achieve a specified acquisition such as a click, sale or form fill-out.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

This is the price an advertiser pays for each click on an ad.

Cost Per Impression (CPI)

CPI is the rate that advertisers pay each time their ad is shown to a site visitor.

Cost Per Mile (CPM)

CPM is the rate that advertisers pay per 1,000 views of a specific ad. In this model, every time that an ad is shown, it counts as one impression.

Coupon codes

These are alphanumeric codes your customers can add to order forms to save money on their purchase.


Invite customers to buy items related or complementary to what they have bought or are going to buy.

Customer lifecycle

This is the progression of customers’ experiences from the moment they’re exposed to your brand until they become devoted fans who refer their friends.

Customer lifecycle automation

You can build automation maps that nurture your contacts and develop their relationship with your brand no matter where they are in your customer lifecycle.

Customer lifetime value (CLV)

This is the current or predicted value of a customer to your business over time.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention, and driving sales growth.

Drip content

You can send (or “drip”) out your membership site content on a schedule you specify.


Many marketers use this type of content, often to help generate leads; it’s generally a more long-form content type than blog posts.


This is commercial transactions conducted electronically over the internet.

Email deliverability

This refers to the ability to deliver email messages in recipients’ inboxes and keep these messages from being lost, blocked, or sent to the spam folder.

Email marketing

This is the use of email to promote products or services and develop relationships with potential leads and customers.

Engagement rate

This is a popular social media metric used to describe the amount of interaction ‒ likes, shares, comments ‒ a piece of content receives.

Follow-up sequence

Set up in advance a series of pre-written emails or messages that are sent to subscribers or consumers automatically after they opt in, sign up, subscribe, register, purchase, etc.


Use a web or physical document to obtain information about a lead or customer.

Free value offer

Offer something to leads to expose them to your product in the hopes that they will buy it in the future.

Fulfillment (order fulfillment)

Execute production and delivery of a product or experience to a customer who has opted in or purchased it.

Funnel (nurture funnel, sales funnel, offer funnel)

This is a tool that channels leads through a series of phases to eventually sell your product.


Apply game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Companies use this type of performance indicator to evaluate an employee’s or an activity’s success.


This is an individual or organization with an interest in what you are selling.

Lead capture

Automate your lead generation with marketing funnels that deliver a constant stream of qualified leads to your sales team.

Lead capture page

This is short-form content that is created specifically for social platforms or is broken down into small, digestible bites from existing content.

Lead generation

This is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business.

Lead management

A set of methodologies, systems, and practices designed to generate new potential business clientele, these are generally operated through a variety of marketing automation or programs.

Lead nurturing

This is the process of creating and strengthening relationships with your leads and customers in each stage of their customer lifecycle.

Lead routing

Automatically assign tasks to individual members on your sales team so they can easily follow up with every lead who enters your system.

Lead scoring

A methodology used by sales and marketing departments to determine the worthiness of leads or potential customers, it attaches values to them based on their behavior relating to their interest in products or services.

Lead source tracking

Determine when you can expect new leads to convert into customers and how long your payback period might be from any given lead source.

Market segmentation

This is the process of dividing a broad market, normally consisting of existing and potential customers, into subsets of consumers (known as segments) who exhibit some type of shared characteristics.

Marketing automation

Maintain a personalized experience for customers online by reacting to any action a customer takes with an automatic and related response.

Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns are the strategic promotion of products through different marketing channels.

Marketing qualified lead

This is a lead who has been deemed more likely to become a customer compared to other leads.

Marketing tracking

Monitor the actions that leads and customers take within your marketing automation.

Marketing unqualified lead

This is a lead who has been deemed not likely to become a customer compared to other leads.

Membership levels

Membership levels allow you to offer different levels of access to your membership site. Instead of selling access to your site as a one-time purchase, your members can buy higher level membership access for additional content.

Membership sites

Customers subscribe to a website containing premium content.

Merchant account

This is a type of bank account that is set up to allow a business to accept payment typically in the form of credit or debit cards.

Merge fields

Merge fields automatically pull information such as name, email and more from your records into your messages to personalize your communication.


These are performance measures and operating statistics.

Mobile responsive

This is a website that changes its format on mobile devices to stay functional and visually appealing. All Ontraport pages and forms are mobile-ready and designed to function flawlessly on any screen size.

Multi-step (progressive) forms

Avoid form abandonment with multi-step forms, where each step saves your contacts’ answers and then redirects them to the next form.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Messages

MMS messages are similar to SMS messages, however they allow you to send pictures in your text messages.

Multivariate split testing

A technique for testing hypotheses in which multiple variables are modified, the goal is to determine which combination of variations performs the best out of all of the possible combinations.


Keep your list up-to-date and engaged with your content through weekly, monthly or quarterly email newsletters.

Open rate

This indicates the percentage of recipients who opened an email.

Opt in

This is when a person gives information and consent to a company to contact them.

Opt-in page

This is a web page where visitors to the site can opt in or subscribe to receive content or communications from that company.


This is improving marketing efforts to maximize desired business outcomes.

Order form

This is a web or physical form that is used to request merchandise purchase.

Order page

The purpose of this webpage is to process a customer’s order.


These are standalone web pages designed to spur a specific audience to take a specific action.

Pain point

This is the challenge a customer is experiencing that your product or service solves.

Payment gateway

This is an ecommerce service that processes credit and debit card payments for both online and physical stores.

Payment processing

Easily manage your entire online storefront with Ontraport so you can reliably process and fulfill online orders.


This is a detailed profile of your target customer based on customer data.

Personalized URLs (PURLs)

This is a unique and personalized page created especially for each recipient of your direct mail or email marketing automation (e.g.,

Pre-filled forms

Pre-fill your Ontraport forms with your stored customer information to save them time.

Process mapping

Consolidate all of your marketing automation and business processes in an easy-to-use graphical format called an automation map.

Product launch

This is when a company puts out a product on the market.

Purchase funnel

This is a consumer-focused marketing model which illustrates the theoretical customer journey towards the purchase of a product or service.


A current customer shares information or recommends a product to others.

Referral links (affiliate links)

Generate personalized affiliate links for your partners so you can keep track of their referrals.

Referral/partner program

Referral partners are an internet marketing resource that can send targeted traffic toward the advertiser’s domain.

Retargeting ad

Also known as remarketing, this is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of visitors after they leave your website.

Return on Investment (ROI)

This measures the gain or loss generated on an investment relative to the amount of money invested.

Sales page

This is a single webpage with the purpose of selling one product in particular.

Sales pipeline

This is a type of marketing that uses customer data to drive them through a series of steps to end in a product sale.

Sales qualified lead

A lead who has been deemed a marketing qualified lead is vetted by the sales team as more likely to purchase the product.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine.

Secure order forms

Build custom, on-brand order forms and web pages to sell your products online.

Secure Sockets Layer certificate (SSL)

Create a secure link between a website and the visitor’s browser, especially used for ecommerce.

Seed testing

See how your email messages are actually being delivered to various internet service providers.


Divide a broad consumer or business market into subgroups of consumers based on some shared characteristic.

Shopping cart

A part of ecommerce software on a website, this is where visitors can place items for eventual purchase.

Short Message Service (SMS) Messages

A text only message that can be sent to mobile devices.

Split testing

This is a way of comparing multiple versions of a page, email, or other marketing asset to find out which one performs best.

Tracking script

This is code used to track data about traffic to a webpage or email.

Two-way SMS text messaging

You can have automated, two-way communication via text with your contacts and capture lead information or send appointment reminders, offers or event updates.

Unsubscribe footer

An unsubscribe footer allows recipients to unsubscribe or update their subscription preferences. In Ontraport, the unsubscribe link sends contacts to your “Manage Your Subscription” page.


This is a sales technique whereby a seller encourages the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale.

UTM tracking

Automatically keep track of the new contacts generated from your UTM-powered URLS so you know the origins of those entering your marketing and sales funnels.

UTM variables

This is bits of text you can add to a link that tell Google Analytics (as well as other analytics tools) a little bit more information about each link.


Leverage third party integration platforms and connect Ontraport data with other applications with Webhooks.

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Take a brief tour of the Administration and Account Details areas of your account so you can see all your available options.
The big picture
Understand the value of having all your tools “under one roof” and working in tandem, the Ontraport way. Get the big picture of what this could mean for the future of your business.
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