Every Ontraport account has a recurring subscription cost based on account level, and there are supplemental packages and features available to enhance your account. Below you will find the pricing for the features, services and discounted annual billing rates available to you.

Grandfathered account levels retain their old pricing and account limits, unless the account is upgraded or downgraded.

Table of contents

Account Add-ons and Services
Account Rollbacks
Annual Plans
SMS Number Pricing
SMS Message Pricing
Postcard Pricing

Account Add-ons and Services

Additional Users

Plus level accounts and above can add additional user seats to their account.

  1. $47/month per additional user seat

Additional Contact Packages

Enterprise level accounts and above can purchase additional contacts.

  1. $99/month per additional 100k contacts
  2. If your account is an Enterprise level or above, and you exceed the 20,000 contact limit (this includes custom object records with an email field), we will automatically add an additional contact package to your account.
    1. This pay-and-go option allows you to keep collecting and storing your additional contact information and keeps your automation running.
  3. If you have a lower account level and exceed your contact limit, your account will be automatically upgraded to the next account level. You will receive a notification email when you are approaching your contact limit. If you remove the extra contacts, you can downgrade your account before the next billing cycle.

Custom objects that contain an email field count as contacts in your account.

Additional Email for Enterprise Accounts

If your account is an Enterprise level or above, and your account exceeds the 200,000 allocation for email sends, we will automatically increase your email allotment to keep your automation running. This pay-and-go option is ideal if you do not consistently require extra emails each month.

  1. $99 for 100k additional email sends for the billing period

Other account levels have unlimited email sends.

Bulk Email Packages for Enterprise Accounts

Enterprise level accounts and above can add additional email packages to their account. This subscription will recur every month and is best if you routinely need extra emails.

  1. 500k email sends for $399/month

Private IP Address

If you would like to send email from an IP address that is used solely by your account, you can purchase a private IP address and a bulk email package.

  1. One-time setup fee of $499

Generally, we suggest only accounts that regularly send 30,000 or more emails a month take advantage of our private IP program. It’s important that you send enough emails from your private IP so ISPs can collect sufficient engagement and complaint information to maintain a healthy sender reputation.

If you are interested, email support@ontraport.com, and they will send you a questionnaire you can fill out to determine if your account is eligible.

If approved, it will take Ontraport about a week to set up your private IP, and there is a two to three week warming period after that. Warming up your IP is when you slowly increase the number of emails sent over your new IP address in order to establish a good sender reputation.

Once your new IP is set up, you will receive a call from our Email Delivery team for coaching and instructions on how to warm your IP to develop a good sender reputation and get the best delivery rates possible.

250ok Seed Tests

250ok seed tests provide you with detailed information about your account’s email delivery.

  1. $99/month for 5 tests
  2. $199/month for 15 tests
  3. $299/month for 30 tests
  4. These charges are recurring, so if you would like to change the number of tests run per month, contact postmaster@ontraport.com.

Concierge Services

You can request that our team perform add-on services, such as importing and exporting credit card data, importing purchase history, open orders and affiliate referral data. Please email concierge@ontraport.com.

  1. $150 per hour

Account Rollbacks

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If you mistakenly delete data or assets from your account, you can request account rollbacks to recover that information. Ontraport saves deleted data for 90 days. If the data you’ve deleted is outside that 90 day window, we can attempt to recover your data; however, we cannot guarantee 100% data integrity.

  1. To request a rollback for your account, fill out this form.
    1. A member of our Concierge team will reach out to verify your security details. The team will also clarify your request if they have any questions about the data you want restored.
    2. Once your details are confirmed, rollbacks generally take between 5-7 business days.

Restoring custom object data

Restoring data from your custom objects requires a full restoration of your account. Your account’s info is “rolled back” to the most recent backup, essentially sending your account back in time. That means any new information you’ve added since that backup date will be lost, and your automations may re-fire.

Restore a cancelled account

The cost for each account rollback is $50. If your account was previously closed for non-payment, you must pay your outstanding charges within 30 days of the restoration.

Please use the email address you use to log in to your account when filling out the form.

  1. Basic accounts
  2. Plus accounts
  3. Pro accounts
  4. Enterprise accounts

Annual Plans

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Signing up for annual billing gives you a discount on your subscription. When you sign up, you’ll pay for 10 months and get two months free.

  1. Basic accounts: $790/year
  2. Plus Accounts: $1,470/year
  3. Pro Accounts: $2,970/year
  4. Enterprise Accounts: $4,970/year

SMS Number Pricing

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Ontraport provides the first SMS number to all accounts at no additional charge.

Additional SMS Numbers

Additional numbers cost $5/month, except in these countries:

  1. Australia and Austria $10/month
  2. Estonia, France, Germany, Lithuania $7/month
  3. Puerto Rico, Switzerland $12/month
  4. Chile, Hong Kong, Israel and Mexico $14/month

The location of the number you are sending from determines the continent you are allowed to send to. You can purchase additional SMS numbers in other areas if you need to reach a country out of your home region.

Shortcode SMS Numbers

Shortcode SMS numbers are five to six digits long. These special numbers cost $3,000 every three months. Vanity shortcodes (using a specific SMS number that you choose) cost $4,500 every three months. Contact support@ontraport.com for information on obtaining a shortcode SMS number.

SMS Message Pricing

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The following table shows pricing as of April 2019 for all regular SMS numbers provided by Ontraport on a per-message basis. The price of an SMS message varies by region, carrier and length of the message and is subject to change.

  1. Messages over the carrier’s limit — usually 160 characters — are split into multiple messages and charged accordingly.
  2. Emojis use a different character set and reduce the character limit per message segment.
    1. In the bottom right corner of your SMS editor, you can see how many characters you have remaining. You can also view your message count if your message is broken up into segments.

  3. Your credit card on file will be charged a minimum of $10 when a charge is incurred, and the balance will be used for future charges. To see your balance, go to your your profile iconAccount.

Price per message by countrykeyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up

ISO Country – Carrier Details Price per SMS
AU Australia    0.065
AT Austria    0.10317
AT Austria – Tele2    0.1032
AT Austria – Smartspace    0.1032
BD Bangladesh    0.084
BE Belgium    0.11
BR Brazil    0.0175
CA Canada    0.0175
CL Chile    0.068
HR Croatia    0.0175
CZ Czech Republic    0.059
CZ Czech Republic – 02    0.08
DK Denmark    0.0375
EE Estonia    0.0945
EE Estonia – EMT    0.114
FI Finland    0.092
FR France    0.086
DE Germany    0.095
GT Guatemala    0.039
HK Hong Kong    0.05
HK Hong Kong – SmarTone    0.05983
HK Hong Kong – 3    0.07
HK Hong Kong – CSL    0.07283
HK Hong Kong – CMMobile    0.09
HU Hungary    0.08
HU Hungary – Vodafone & UPC    0.1
HU Hungary – T-Mobile    0.101
IE Ireland    0.08
IL Israel    0.033
IT Italy    0.02
LV Latvia    0.075
LV Latvia – Tele2    0.0815
LV Latvia – Triatel    0.09233
LT Lithuania    0.051
LT Lithuania – Lithuanian Railways & UAB Mediafon    0.02
MY Malaysia    0.0503
MX Mexico    0.059
NL Netherlands    0.102
NL Netherlands – Ziggo    0.11
NL Netherlands – 6GMobile    0.11183
NO Norway    0.072
PH Philippines    0.034
PL Poland    0.051
PR Puerto Rico    0.05
SG Singapore    0.04
SG Singapore – SingTel & Circles    0.06
SK Slovakia    0.02
SI Slovenia    0.02
KR South Korea    0.0415
ES Spain    0.0933
ES Spain – Barablue / Flamatel & Truphone    0.0983
SE Sweden    0.065
SE Sweden – Lycamobile / Ventelo & Mundio    0.11
CH Switzerland    0.079
TW Taiwan    0.064
GB United Kingdom    0.05
US United States    0.0175

Postcard Pricing

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You can purchase postcard credits in your account by clicking  → Account .

  1. 1 credit = 1 postcard.
  2. You can purchase a minimum of 10 credits at any time.
  3. The price of your postcard credits depends on the quantity purchased.
10-100 $0.97 Each
101-250 $0.92 Each
251-500 $0.87 Each
501-1000 $0.82 Each
1001-2500 $0.77 Each
2501-5000 $0.72 Each
5001+ $0.67 Each

*If your automation maps are attempting to send postcards, and you have run out of credits, Ontraport will automatically add printing credits in batches of 10 and bill your card on file.