In Ontraport, marketing automation happens through campaign maps, which are visual depictions of the journeys your customers may take throughout the lifecycle. Campaign maps can be created from scratch, or you can use a pre-built map from our Campaigns Marketplace.   

The Marketplace offers a variety of templates to choose from, such as lead capture, post-purchase follow-up, and cart abandonment campaigns. The templates come with easy-to-follow checklists so you can add all of the necessary assets to your campaigns, and they can be customized to fit your unique business.

Check out the video about installing a pre-built campaign to learn more.



  • Under Campaigns, click the orange new campaign button.
  • To view all the campaigns available in the marketplace, click All Templates on the left navigation bar, or you can view by type of campaign, industry, author or tags.
  • Click on the campaign you’d like to install.
  • Some campaign templates come with content such as landing pages, messages, forms and custom fields. If you just want the campaign map, without the content, uncheck the box next to “Also add this Campaign content to my account” in the pop up. Otherwise, leave it checked. Click the orange continue button.
  • A notice will appear letting you know the campaign is being installed. Click the the orange okay button button. 
  • Once the campaign is ready for editing, you’ll get a notification in the left corner of your screen. You can click the blue start editing button on the notification box or find the campaign in your collection.
  • Once inside the campaign, you can use the Checklist Items on the right as a guide to understanding the campaign and to keep track of what needs to be completed before publishing.
  • In the checklist, the items with red bullet points are campaign elements that must be configured before publishing the campaign.