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Share automation maps in the marketplace
Last updated on: April 4, 2023

Do you have an automation map that you think will benefit other Ontraport users? You can share or sell your custom-built automation in the Ontraport Marketplace. Marketplace automation maps can include any marketing assets within your map, such as landing pages, emails, forms and more. Your automation maps can be listed for free, in exchange for users’ contact information, or you can charge a one-time fee for Ontraport users to take advantage of your prebuilt automation

If you choose to sell your automation, Ontraport will take care of the billing and will send you 90% of the sale price when the transaction is completed. You can also share your automation maps with individual Ontraport users using a link, their email or an order form.

Here’s how to share your maps.

  1. Create a profile in the Marketplace by clickingAdministrationOntraport MarketplaceProfile Manager and filling in your information.
  2. Click ContactsAutomations and open an automation that you’d like to share.
  3. Inside your map, click in the top right. Click Share with all users or Share with individual users to choose who will have access to your automation.

Share with all users

This will make your automation map available on Ontraport’s marketplace and any user will be able to view it while browsing automation templates.

  1. Fill in the information about your automation map, including a name, description and category, and whether you want to include your assets or just the map.
    • Checking the “Share Automation Assets” box will transfer all emails, SMS texts, Ontraport Pages, forms, and any other assets that are part of your automation map. Make sure you are not sharing any information that you do not want public.
  2. Choose whether you want to offer your automation map for free or for a fee.
    • If you choose to charge a fee, enter the price you’d like to charge in U.S. dollars. You will be paid via the PayPal address that you entered into your profile manager.
  3. Click Share Automation.
    • Approval can take a few business days. You can check on the progress by visiting AdministrationMarketplace Content Manager.

Share with individual users

Your automation map will not appear in Ontraport’s marketplace. Instead, you can share your map through a link to specific users or sell your automation through an Ontraport order form.

  1. Follow step 1 above.
  2. Select who you would like to share your automation with:
    • Anyone with link: Generate the link you want to use to share your automation map. When clicked by an Ontraport user, the link will download the automation map into the account they are logged into.
    • Specific users: Enter the email addresses of the Ontraport account holders with whom you’d like to share the automation map. The email addresses used should be the admin seat for easy installation. Please use the “anyone with link” option if you’re not sure of the email address of the account you would like to share with.
    • Anyone who has purchased or subscribed to my product: Select if you would like to share your automation map with contacts who have made a one-time purchase or have a subscription/payment plan.
  3. Select the product a contact has purchased or is subscribed to, if you would like to sell your automation map as an asset.
  4. Create a sales page or an order form, and create a product for the automation map you want to sell.
  5. Select the product in your sharing options. When your form is submitted, the automation map will be downloaded into their account.
  6. To ensure your automation maps are properly shared, it is important that the email address used on the order form matches the login email of a user in the account that is purchasing your template.

To stop sharing automation maps

  1. Go to my profileAdministrationMarketplace Content Manager.
    • Select your shared map from the content manager, and click Stop Sharing.
    • Or go to the automation map, click the share icon and switch the sharing toggle to off.
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 Pro tips
Tip #1: If you would like to create a recurring subscription and drip templates to your subscribers each week, you can do this in two ways:
  1. Create a subscription product for your automation maps, and use the “share with individual users” option to manually share your new templates when you want to make them available.
  2. You can also use the “anyone with link” option and create an automation map with a trigger for “product is purchased.” Send your download link in a message via this map to deliver your content.
Tip #2: When Ontraport Certified Consultants share content to the marketplace, they have the ability to see the name and email address of the user who selected their template.
Tip #3: When sharing automation maps to individual users using the “specific users” or “anyone who has purchased or subscribed to my product” option, the map can be found by clicking AutomationsNew AutomationShared With Me.
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