Ontraport’s invoice templates enable you to brand and personalize the invoices you send to your customers. In Ontraport, invoices serve as purchase receipts and reflect the quantity of products your customers purchased and amount of money they spent.
This feature is available to users with Ontraport Plus accounts and above.


To access invoice templates in Ontraport

Ontraport provides two ways to access the custom invoice template editors:

  • Using Ontraport’s workflow inside the Ontraport Forms or Ontraport Page editors:
    1. Choose an existing or create a new order form that you want to set up an invoice for.
    2. Edit the order form block and click the payment settings button.
    3. Under invoice, click the dropdown and select the create new message template button. Name your template, then click Save & Edit.
    4. You can also copy or edit the default template or any previously made custom invoice. Just check the box next to the message you’d like to copy and then click .
  •   You can also reach the invoice editor by navigating to the sales tab → Settings → Double Opt-in / Invoice Manager → the new message template.

If you’re creating an invoice template for a specific page or form you built with Ontraport, you would likely choose option #1. If you’re creating an invoice template for a non-Ontraport page, you would choose option #2.

To customize your default invoice

You can personalize your default invoice and unsubscribe page with your company logo and color to ensure all your assets are on-brand.

  • Go to profile iconadministrationBusiness Info.
  • Click Business Information.
  • To add a brand color, click the color picker for the “brand color” field and select a color or add hex code in the space provided.
  • To add your logo, click Select Logo and upload your logo.
  • Click save.

Recommended: Customizing invoices using the Invoice (Ontraport Email) editor

We recommend choosing from any of the pre-built invoice templates for ease of use. If you would still like to start from scratch, follow the directions below. You can select a pre-formatted invoice block that includes all the fields required by most local jurisdictions and style the rest as you like.

  • Clickthe create new button → Start from Scratch.
  • Clickthe add block button → Invoice. Several pre-formatted invoice blocks are available, and all include the necessary fields to gain approval for the new custom invoice template.
  • Adjust the settings as needed and add header or footer blocks if desired.
  • Click the blue save button.

Advanced: Creating invoices with the HTML editor

If you prefer, you can create your custom invoice template using Ontraport’s Invoice HTML Editor:

  • Select the Invoice: HTML Editor button. The editor will appear.
  • Use the merge fields drop down (the merge field icon) to format the invoice portion of the message.
  • If you choose HTML editor option, remember that the invoice must contain the following:
    1. Your company information
    2. Order or Invoice number
    3. Order date
    4. The customer information
    5. The bill to information, if different from the customer information
    6. The item and quantity purchased
    7. The total amount paid

    Your local laws may require other information on the invoice; it is your responsibility to ensure your custom invoice template meets your local requirements.