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Create a custom invoice template
Last updated on: April 12, 2023

Ontraport’s invoices serve as receipts for your customers. Invoices are also transactional emails, so they have to follow specific standards. Ontraport reviews all custom invoices and changes to existing invoices to ensure your invoices comply with those standards. Your account also has a default invoice so you always have an approved one.

You can add your branding and personalization to custom invoices. Personalized assets help you create a cohesive brand experience for your customers. In this article, you’ll learn about invoice standards, the review process and how to create a custom invoice.

This feature is available to users with Ontraport Plus accounts and above.

Check out this Ontraport University lesson on invoices:

Table of contents

Invoice standards
Create invoices with the OntraMail editor (Recommended)
Create invoices with the HTML editor (Advanced)
Customize your default invoice

Invoice standards

Ontraport reviews all custom invoices to ensure they fit the required standards. The team will complete the review of your invoice within two business days.

If your template does not meet the standards listed below, we will deactivate it.

  • If this happens, we’ll send an email to your account administrator with instructions on how to fix the issue. Your account will use your default invoice to avoid interrupting your sales process.


The invoice DOES NOTinclude:

  1. Promotional images
  2. Promotional text 
  3. Marketing links 

This is important because invoices are transactional emails. They will be sent to your contacts even if they’ve opted out of your marketing emails.

You can include your website URL, logo and other non-marketing information.

The invoice DOES Include merge fields for:

  1. Business name 
  2. Contact info 
  3. Purchased items 
  4. Grand total
  5. Date

These merge fields are necessary to create a fully functional invoice. Without these fields, your customer’s invoice will be missing important information about their transaction. 

To learn more about the difference between marketing and transactional email, watch this Ontraport University lesson.

Create invoices with the OntraMail editor (Recommended)

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You can use an “invoice” block when creating an invoice with the OntraMail editor. These blocks are pre-designed to include merge fields about the purchased items.

  1. Click SalesSettingsDouble Opt-in / Invoice ManagerNew Message Template.
  2. Click Invoice (OntraMail)Start from Scratch.
  3. Click Add BlockInvoice and select a block.
    • Invoice blocks automatically include merge fields for purchased items and grand total.
  4. Complete your invoice design and be sure to include merge fields for:
    • Business name
    • Contact info
    • Purchase date
  5. Click Settings and add your subject line and edit your email settings.
  6. Click Save.

Create invoices with the HTML editor (Advanced)

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You can use the HTML invoice editor if you want more control over your design.

  1. Click SalesSettingsDouble Opt-in / Invoice ManagerNew Message Template, or create a new invoice from your order form settings.
  2. Click Invoice: HTML Editor.
  3. Click Insert Merge Field and select these required fields:
    • Your business contact info
    • Business name
    • Purchased items
    • Grand total
    • Date of purchase
  4. Complete your invoice design and click Save.

Note, your local laws may require more information. It is your responsibility to ensure your template meets your local requirements.

Customize your default invoice

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Ensure your default invoice is on-brand by adding your logo and brand color to your business info.

  1. Go to your accountAdministrationBusiness Info.
  2. Click Business information.
  3. Click the color picker for the “brand color” field and select a color.
    • Or add hex code in the space provided.
  4. Click Select Logo and upload your logo.

  • Click Save.
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     Pro tips
    Tip #1: If you choose to use the advanced HTML editor option, include the “Complete Receipt” and “Purchased Items” merge fields to ensure you have all of the necessary fields included in your custom invoice template.
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